Skeds R Us: The Latest Archaeological Find In My House

This time I was looking for some photos… Because you never find anything when you’re looking for it, you find things when you’re looking for something else.

I had in mind to find photos I took on a trip when I was in my twenties, but my “single life” photos were being elusive.  I could find the “married life” photos, I could find the family photos from when I was a kid, but the photos *I* took as an adult for myself?  Lost in the clutter.

I saw a box that had a bunch of envelopes in it, so I thought maybe there were some photo envelopes mixed in to the mailing envelopes.  I picked up a stack and this fell out:
1992 Yankees schedule

I didn’t think much of it…  I am, of course, a Mets fan, and I would become an Orioles fan a few years after 1992, but I’ve always been one to grab a schedule when I see one, even for teams I don’t care for.

I didn’t find the photos, but I found an envelope labeled “Baseball schedules” and others labeled “Misc. schedules” and “Misc.stuff”, and that distracted me from the original task.

I had fun going through the schedules and figured some of you might enjoy them as well, so I scanned a bunch of them and picked out a few to share today…

I’d forgotten about this one, but it’s one I like a fair amount. Back in the day when I was a Capitals fan, the Caps and the Bullets shared ownership, and why print up two schedules when you can print up one schedule with a team on either side!  Cross-promotion, cost reduction, blah blah blah blah.
1982-83 Capitals Bullets schedule
In it’s folded state, the schedule shows the Caps on one side and the Bullets on the other, but I scanned it with the two fronts unfolded side-by-side.

This next schedule is sort of double-sided as well… The front commemorates the 25th anniversary of Shea Stadium…
1988 Mets schedule
…But the back has Snoopy! Yes, he’s shilling for MetLife, but it’s still Snoopy.  I like how he’s calmly sending the ball into the stands …with a Schulzian “POW” for added effect.
1988 Mets schedule back

I thought this was a pretty nice schedule for the Reading Phillies… At the time I went to a couple of R-Phils games with friends who lived in the area.
1991 Reading Phillies schedule
It’s a big change from the R-Phils schedules from a decade earlier, which were printed on white cardstock with burgundy ink and would prominently feature a brand of beer, with block type “1982 Reading Phillies Schedule” printed above it.

Here’s another nice minor league schedule of the 1990’s.
1992 Columbus Clippers schedule
I don’t remember how I happened to get this schedule, but it may have been from a period when I would send requests to teams asking for schedules and/or team fan packs… I really enjoy getting mail, and this was a way of getting something more fun than bills and solicitations.

A 1984-85 Flyers schedule I must’ve picked up on one of my many trips to visit the aforementioned friends…
1984-85 Flyers schedule
It’s hard to read the small type by the skate, but this is Brian Propp.

This last schedule is larger than most (’cause it’s the Yankees!) and is printed on heavy paper stock rather than glossy (’cause it’s the Yankees!), and I share it not so much for the front…
1980 Yankees schedule
…which is OK, but the back is where the fun is.

It’s the back of the schedule that offers up the exciting 2nd Edition (!) of the New York Yankees Merchandise Catalog! Woo hoo!
1980 Yankees schedule back
I don’t doubt that this catalog was somewhat groundbreaking back in the day. Teams didn’t really sell much in the way of “authentic” apparel in the early 1980’s, there was souvenir stuff but nothing much (beyond caps)  that really resembled what the players wore.

There’s a copy of this catalog for sale out on eBay; I won’t provide a link but one of the items for sale was a 1980 Toyota Corolla, which the Yankees used as a bullpen cart. I thought it was pretty cool that they’d sell the actual bullpen cart but a closer look at the catalog page shows the itemized pricing: $4,942.25 for a 1980 Corolla, $630 for the “Yankees Paint Package”… So you weren’t buying an actual bullpen cart that had hauled the tushies of Ron Davis and Goose Gossage around the edge of the Yankee Stadium playing field, you were buying a replica bullpen cart… at MSRP! Freakin’ Yankees…

…But I’m sure somebody bought it.


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