COMC-ing Attractions: A Preview Of The Stuff I Got On Black Friday

I’ve recently made comments about how I spent hours and hours shopping on COMC during the Black Friday Weekend promotion, and some of you were probably thinking “How much shopping can one do? You go through your wantlists and you’re done, right?”

Well, that much is true, I did start off putting a dent into my wantlists… But I spent the entire weekend thinking of additional ways of looking for bargains, so I was signing on, signing off, signing on, signing off…

What follows is not the best of what I got, but a quick overview of some of the types of cards I got.

I was looking for cheap autographs of players I like…
1995 Best Autographs Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson was part of “Generation K”, a group of three promising young Mets pitchers (sound familiar?)  Neither Wilson, Jason Isringhausen nor Bill Pulsipher turned out the HOF careers Mets fans were dreaming of 20 years ago, which I suppose works as a cautionary tale for today’s Mets rotation (but, thank goodness, none of today’s pitchers will get overworked by Dallas Green).

I was also looking for cheap Japanese cards that I found interesting in some way…
1998 Calbee Hiromitsu Ochiai
I couldn’t resist the opportunity to buy a card of a Japanese Baseball HOFer… This 1998 Calbee card features Hiromitsu Ochiai in his final season. Ochiai won the Triple Crown three times and over his career he batted .311 with 510 homers, 2,371 hits and 1,564 RBI.

I was looking for Topps Chrome cards which feature a different photo than exists in the standard Topps set…
2012 Topps Chrome Kirk Nieuwenhuis
…And honestly, Chrome or not, how could anyone bypass this great shot of Kirk Nieuwenhuis? BTW, this is one of those Topps Chrome cards which doesn’t appear to have a flagship Topps equivalent.

I was looking for additions to my Mets collection…
2015 Bowman Prospects Kevin Plawecki
Kevin Plawecki spent much of 2015 backing up Travis d’Arnaud, but Plawecki is a former first-round draft pick and there are those who like him better than d’Arnaud.

…As well as additions to my Orioles collection…
2015 Panini Diamond Kings Christian Walker
I bought 3 other 2015 Diamond Kings cards, and I have to say that I was fairly impressed… This is easily one of the best baseball sets Panini has produced to date. (I know, that’s not saying much.)

Christian Walker is an Orioles prospect… That is, when he’s not working as a homicide detective working cases specific to super heroes… (a little joke for any comic fans).

I was looking for cheap vintage which didn’t fall on any wantlists, but which I just liked…
1962 Topps Paul Brown
Paul Brown demonstrates that 1962 Topps isn’t entirely made up of portraits of capless ballplayers.  Mr. Brown pitched for the Phillies over 4 non-consecutive seasons and compiled an 0-8 career record, mostly as a reliever.  Children Of The Seventies like myself might be interested to know that Paul Brown is the brother of Jackie Brown, who pitched for the Rangers, Indians and Expos.

And finally, at the last minute, I decided to look for cheap 1970 Topps that I didn’t have, whether or not they were on my wantlist.
1970 Topps Alan Foster

Time for another nerdy reference… Alan Foster always makes me think of Alan Dean Foster, a science fiction writer who was a well-known name to me in my youth because he wrote the novelizations of all the animated Star Trek TV episodes (Star Trek Log One, Log Two, etc.) plus he was the ghost-writer for the novelization of Star Wars (“Chapter IV” to you young whippersnappers) and he also wrote “Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye”, which was the first Star Wars novel which wasn’t based on a movie.

Again, this is just “coming attractions” of some of the stuff that got me excited… If time allows, I’ll start sharing those images before too much longer.


6 thoughts on “COMC-ing Attractions: A Preview Of The Stuff I Got On Black Friday

  1. I haven’t read “Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye” in over 20 years. I barely remember it. Hmmm, maybe over Christmas if I can find it.

    And I loved the Powers reference. I think there is supposed to be a Powers tv series out there now but I haven’t looked for it or seen it.

    I also spent way too much time shopping on COMC for the Black Friday sale (I wound up with four different orders) and am so happy with all the new additions to my Browns collection.

  2. Great cards Joe! I always enjoy seeing what others picked out on COMC. I got my giant box of Black Friday weekend cards from them in the mail yesterday so will be working on a similar post of my own soon.

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