Hot Stove: Minnesota’s Favorite Cereal And A Bonus Card!

Mom’s been awesome again this weekend…
2015 Simon & Gintfunkel Sonia Manzano
Do you know that girl Susan at school says that Mom looks like Maria from “Sesame Street”? I don’t know where Susan gets this stuff from.

Anyway, Mom saw how much we all liked that box of Coco Crisp cereal she got us last week, and how much we enjoyed the baseball card that came with it, so she bought us another cereal with a baseball card… I’ve never heard of this one, but Aunt Jessica swears that where she lives in Minnesota all the kids love this stuff…
Froot Plouffes Cereal Box A

Mom says she doesn’t want us digging down in the box this time, so maybe you can do something to distract her while I get the cards out…

WHOA!  How did you get your Hoverboard to catch fire like that?  Whaddaya mean it wasn’t you?  Whatever… it worked, Mom’s not looking, I’ll get the card out…

SWEEEEEEEET!  There are two cards in this box!

Boy, those fire extinguishers sure make a mess, don’t they?

Awwww, man, the first card is a manager.  Who cares about managers?
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove #2 - Don Matttingly
I can’t believe they think this Mattingly guy is a superstar.

Hey, this second card is different… Looks sorta like an old Canadian Football card that Uncle Gordie once showed me…
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove CFL-1a James Shields
I wonder what’s up with the different card?  I like this guy’s uniform, though. Brown and gold is an awesome combination, I can’t believe nobody has uniforms like this!

Oh, hey… My friend just texted me that there’s a fire truck on our street! Let’s go outside and see what’s going on…

OK, time to break character and say “What the hell was I thinking?” As little time as I have, and now I’ve got three custom cards using three templates, plus the cereal box? Sorry, I know that we all love our mothers, but “Mom” might not show up every week.

Anyway, about the others…

Hope you enjoyed the box of “Froot Plouffes”. I assure you, the level of humor on these boxes is not going to improve.

You’ve seen the 1976 Kellogg’s custom before, but you’re probably wondering why I’m featuring Mattingly when there are all these moves being made. “What about Zobrist? Greinke? Shelby Miller?”. Well, I made the Donnie Baseball custom a few weeks ago when there wasn’t a lot going on, and now that there’s a lot going on baseball-wise, there’s also a lot going on in my personal life, so I haven’t gotten around to making customs of those guys. I’ll get there… although it won’t be next week either.

As for the third card, you’re probably wondering why there’s a second custom design, and what the heck is that design, anyway?

I’ll get into the inspiration first… A while ago, while browsing COMC, I stumbled across the 1965 Topps Canadian Football League set, something I’d never seen before, and I fell in love. Here’s one of the originals that started this…

1965 Topps CFL #64 - George Dixon [Good to VG‑EX] - Courtesy of

1965 Topps CFL #64 – George Dixon [Good to VG‑EX] – Courtesy of

This was one of those kneejerk “What is that? I love that!” reactions. Looking at it objectively, it’s kind of a cheesy design, but man, I love these things.

The funny thing is that I had fully intended to have an actual 1965 CFL card in my hand as I write this… When I got my Black Friday shipment from COMC, I’d finished going through the entire box when I said “Wait a minute! Where’s my CFL card????” I looked through the box again, no CFL card. I looked at the shipment manifest, no CFL card.

…Before I jumped in my car and drove the 3,000 miles to COMC HQ to give them a piece of my mind, I reigned in my anger and checked my purchase history: No CFL card. I didn’t get it because I didn’t buy it. (*sigh*) Nobody’s more disappointed than I am, but I’ll get one the next time.


The reason I went with a second design is because I wanted to have a separate set to feature images that I did NOT “photoshop”, just to make it clear when I’m futzing with the images and when I’m not.  This “subset” won’t be appearing every week, but I do have two more done and ready to post.

That photo of James Shields is from the unveiling of the new Padres’ uniforms; the brown and gold ones shown here are (sadly) the Friday alternates. At some point I’ll be sharing the new home unis which aren’t as cool as the alts but are still a significant improvement over the snoozefest they’ve been wearing for the past few years.

OK, well I’ve got all kinds of non-baseball things to be doing with my Sunday, so I’ll wrap things up here. Next week you’ll see another 1976 Kellogg’s custom, another 1965 Topps CFL custom, and another cereal box. Mom? Well, we’ll see. It might depend on whether I get any last-minute inspiration like I did with Sonia Manzano (who, if you hadn’t figured it out by now, played Maria on “Sesame Street” until her retirement this fall).


6 thoughts on “Hot Stove: Minnesota’s Favorite Cereal And A Bonus Card!

  1. Those all came out great, including the cereal box. I’d never heard of that CFL set before, good luck scoring an original! I’m hoping to see some Price and/or Kimbrel in a future post!

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