Hot Stove: The Champion Of Breakfast!

Mom’s not here today.

Whaddaya mean, “Where is she?”  That’s all they were talking about at dinner last night… She’s taking Emily to that out-of-state soccer tournament.  We’re stuck with Dad all weekend.

Dad must want us to be a jock like Emily, because he went and got us a box of Wieters for breakfast…
Wieters Cereal Box
No sugar buzz today.  Thanks, Dad.  At least it’s one of the cereals that comes with a baseball card.

He went back to bed, so we can just go ahead and dig through the box for the card.

This card’s pretty cool.  Who’s “SIMMONS”?
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove #3 - Andrelton Simmons
Oh, Andrelton Simmons.  I remember when he got traded to the Angels… That kid Dave in my class was all upset about it, said he didn’t know what the heck the Braves were doing, trading away all their best players.

Hey, we got another one of those weird Canadian Football-looking cards.
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove CFL-3 Wil Myers
Is this a different Padres uniform?  Looks different to me.  I don’t remember there being yellow.  Yellow’s such a girl color, but it looks pretty good here.

You know, it’s really not as much fun if we’re allowed to dig through the box for the cards.

When does Mom get home?


4 thoughts on “Hot Stove: The Champion Of Breakfast!

  1. LOVE that box! If you ever print out your customs you should honestly do a set of the cereal boxes as standard sized cards.

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