PWE Playhouse: More Cards From The Shoebox

It seems like most bloggers who have running themes for their posts will come up with them fairly early on and stick with them throughout their blog’s lifespan.  Me, I apparently can’t stop thinking of new ones.  And so, I introduce the first in a series of “PWE Playhouse” posts…

PWE Playhouse

Exhibit Q:  A PWE I received an hour before my bike was stolen!  “Why?  What’s the significance?”  I DON’T KNOW!!!!!

As has been the case with the other PWE’s, this latest one comes from Shane of Shoebox Legends.  Long may he wave!

And, as the PWE business goes, I’m way behind on posting the ones I receive, and in reciprocating with outbound PWE’s… but there’s one on the way and another in the works (sorry, Shane!)

But let’s focus on this PWE…

First off, we have a card from the 1992 Fleer Ultra All Stars, an insert set I don’t remember at all and which doesn’t scan well.
1992 Fleer Ultra All Stars David Cone
This card features gold foil on a black and white marble (or is it granite?) background.  It’s a nice-looking card and I do like how Cone’s head overlaps the marble/granite frame.

Getting all high-tech for the 1990’s with a Upper Deck Holoview FX card of Jeff Kent.
1994 UD Holoview FX Jeff Kent
As is always the case with these things, my scanner didn’t like it much. It is pretty cool in person (and in proper light).

And it just occurred to me that Jeff Kent is one of the two players the Mets got from Toronto for… David Cone!  How about that.

More Hologram fun, this time with Cal Ripken and courtesy of Denny’s.
1996 Pinnacle Denny's Hologram Cal Ripken
In the proper light, when you tilt the card it shows Cal swinging.  I don’t know how to do these newfangled GIFs, and I don’t have time to learn with all of these damn kids on my lawn, so you’ll have to deal with a crappy scan.  Since the hologram doesn’t scan, I’ll share the back as well.
1996 Pinnacle Denny's Hologram Cal Ripken back

Although this card is kinda busy in the Fleer tradition (a tradition Panini seems to be continuing), I like this Tom Glavine card from 2004 Fleer Showcase.
2004 Fleer Showcase Tom Glavine
I still haven’t gotten used to the sight of Tom Glavine in a Mets uniform… or to the concept of the Mets as the 2015 National League Champions.

Shiny, sparkly David Wright from the 2014 “Bowman Is Back” insert set.
2014 Bowman Is Back David Wright
Even though a set like this wouldn’t normally fall into my wheelhouse, I really like this insert set… And I’m going to be a terrible, horrible Mets fan and say that I’m happy that current sets are finally featuring Mets other than David Wright… Not that I don’t appreciate everything that Wright has done for the team, but I’m just… well… I’m just a little tired of David Wright.  Don’t hate on me.

Another early 1990’s “premium set” insert card, this time a Bonus card of former Mets prospect Pete Schourek.  Schourek pitched a couple of years with the Mets, but his big season came in 1995 with the Reds when he won 18 games and finished a distant second to Greg Maddux in Cy Young voting.
1991 Leaf Gold Bonus Card Pete Schourek
If nothing else, this PWE made me realize that I don’t know a lot about the insert sets from the high-end Junk Wax Era sets.

As many of these Shoebox Legends PWE’s go, I have a card from the 1960/61 A&BC Footballers set… This time featuring Blackpool’s Bill Perry.
1960-61 A&BC Bill Perry
Bill Perry is best known for scoring the winning goal in Blackpool’s famous win in the 1953 F.A. Cup final.  Sure.  Uh-huh.  I remember it well.
1960-61 A&BC Bill Perry back
To answer the rub-off question on the back, the original F.A. Cup was stolen out of a Birmingham shop window in 1895.  I had to Google it, I didn’t know it off the top of my head.

Thanks again, Shane!


3 thoughts on “PWE Playhouse: More Cards From The Shoebox

  1. DAMN YOU! That… a KILLER name for a series. I officially hate you.

    Unless you send me that Bill Perry card. Then I will reconsider. :) Shane’s blog was the first site I saw those cards and I have to build the set.

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