Neil Walker’s Double Expos Connection

Until the Mets picked up Neil Walker in a trade, I didn’t realize how many Major Leaguers he was related to, nor that he had two ties to the Expos.
2015 Heritage Neil Walker

I read that Neil Walker is taking #20 with the Mets… His father, Tom Walker had pitched for several teams and wore #20 (although only with the Expos).

1974 Topps Tom Walker

1974 Topps Tom Walker (With a “cameo appearance” by Willie Mays on the right)

Neil Walker was unable to wear #20 with the Pirates as it had been retired for Pie Traynor.

It’s unusual for a current player to have a father who played in the 1970’s, so I will point out that Neil was born when Tom was 37 years old and long gone from professional baseball.

1975 Topps Tom Walker

I more or less knew about Neil Walker’s father having played in the Majors… But I didn’t know about his Uncle Chip.

Tom Walker’s wife Carolyn is the sister to another former Expos pitcher, Chip Lang.  Here’s his 1977 O-Pee-Chee card.

1977 OPC Chip Lang

…And the only reason I own Chip Lang’s OPC card is because it’s different from his 1977 Topps card.

1977 Topps Chip Lang

Chip Lang pitched 1 game in 1975 and 29 in 1976 and had been an Expos prospect until he suffered the dreaded “sore arm”.  I believe that these two cards make up a complete Chip Lang collection.

Not only did I not know about Neil Walker’s Uncle Chip, I didn’t know about his brother-in-law Don… Neil’s sister Carrie married this guy:

2014 Topps Don Kelly

Don Kelly has played over 500 games with the Tigers.  This past season he appeared in two games with the Marlins before sustaining a ligament tear and having Tommy John surgery.  The recovery time is shorter for position players so he could be back in 2016.

I will keep you updated if anyone else related to Neil Walker marries another baseball player.


5 thoughts on “Neil Walker’s Double Expos Connection

  1. Wow, what a tangled web we weave – I certainly didn’t know that Neil had all those MLB familial connections either. You learn something new everyday, huh?

  2. I came looking for Shlabotnik Report and somehow got redirected to the serious tip,I’m glad we picked up Neil.He seems like a solid player.

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