Off-Topic New Year’s Rant: Why Can’t I Find A Good Wall Calendar?

I’m a very visual person, and I like having things around me to stare at when I’m deep in thought, or when I’m just staring off into space.  Because of this, I like having multiple wall calendars at work… Every month I get new things to stare at.

…But I’m having a bear of a time finding a 2016 wall calendar I like.  I’d be good to go if I wanted to stare at One Direction or Thomas Kinkade artwork or doughnuts or The Hunger Games or English sheepdogs or vintage travel posters or sloths (sloths!!!) or poutine or that “Tomorrowland” movie (and box office flop) or Candy Crush or quokkas (which I had to Google) or the American Civil War or outhouses or “I Love Lucy” or the Dallas Cowboys or Pepsi-Cola advertisements or M.C. Escher or bacon or Galactic Hot Dogs (which I also had to Google) … Sadly, I do not want to look at any of those things all year.

Some calendars sound good in theory, but then fall apart in execution. Science Fiction pulp magazine covers?  Sounds good to me… But I can’t be hanging scantily clad alien babes at work. Vintage comic book covers?  Yeah, baby!!!! …Except they feature a lot of characters I don’t care about like Nick Fury, Thor and Dr. Strange.

As niche-y as these calendars get – Michelle Obama, farm tractors, Pittsburgh’s skyline – why do I never find anything for my niches?

Where are the calendars featuring baseball cards?  Posters for bad science fiction movies?  Picture sleeves from classic 45’s?  1960’s and 1970’s cartoon characters?  Hell, even dinosaurs!

If I had my way, I’d also be seeing calendars which feature:   the photography of long-time Sports Illustrated photographer Walter Iooss ;  action photos of vintage auto races (i.e. Le Mans, Daytona, Indy);  Wacky Packages;  Oddball cars (Nash Metropolitan, Corban Sparrow, Tucker Torpedo);  vintage baseball yearbooks;  WHA  Hockey;  vintage Hot Wheels/Matchbox/Johnny Lightning cars; and finally, tabletop sports games (Cadaco baseball, electric football, rod hockey).

And maybe some of these calendars actually exist, but I sure as hell haven’t seen them.

So now that I’m done with my rant (for the moment), you can tell me…

Do you have a 2016 wall calendar that you’re happy with?

What would you like to see on a wall calendar?


8 thoughts on “Off-Topic New Year’s Rant: Why Can’t I Find A Good Wall Calendar?

  1. You gave me an idea for a fundraiser. Do you think you- or other collectors- would be willing to dish out $30 for an 8.5″ x 11″ customized wall calendar that features bloggers headers, birthdates, dates for larger shows, card release dates, etc.?

      • The price was off the top of my head, after looking at Shutterfly. It could probably be done where the price point would be less. I think I might post that question on my blog to see if there would be interest and, if so, talk to some people at work. I have a number of ideas already written down.

  2. This is the first year that I didn’t receive a calendar for Christmas from either a family member, a friend, or one of my students. And I’m perfectly okay with that. If you ever decide to make a baseball card calendar, I’d be the first person in line to buy one for my office. Happy New Year!

  3. I’m a calendar guy too. I’ve got a hot rod, us national parks and Ireland along with the freebies from the local pharmacy, The Shriners and the VFW.

    Many years ago I had one on baseball memorabilia which included cards but haven’t seen anything like it since.

    If it was well done I would buy one, chop.

  4. This past year in my office I had a calendar with large print and spaces for each date. I liked this calendar as it allowed me to write in normal printing what was due in the dates area. I’m still looking for a similar calendar for this year at a reasonable price. The calendar prices should be marked down some more in the coming weeks. As for subject calendars I always like the Cooperstown or baseball heritage calendars. However the past few years I haven’t found any at Calendar Club or anywhere else that sells calendars. I’m disappointed with the pictures included in the hockey HOF calendar so I’ll pass. The only calendar I’ve purchased to date is with WWII airplanes. The rest of my calendars are giveaways.

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