Calendar Rant Follow-Up: The 2016 Hallowed Ground Calendar

A little over a week ago I went on an off-topic rant about the lack of decent wall calendars available in stores… Animals, food, teen idols and skylines galore, but nothing that interested me.

I started thinking back to calendars I’d had in the past and I remembered one I had 10-or-so years ago from  Bill Goff Inc. (aka . Maybe they still put out a calendar…

Turns out they do, but it’s nothing you’ll find on the usual online retail sites… or at least none of the retail sites I could think of. The shipping through the Bill Goff website is a little pricey, but I was also able to find the calendar through, and I combined my shipment with a t-shirt I’d been meaning to get, plus I took advantage of an promotion they were running.

Since the calendar is baseball-related, I thought it was worth a quick post to share it… especially if some of you are still looking for a calendar.

The Hallowed Ground calendar features paintings of current and vintage ballparks… and sometimes both:  January features Wrigley Field, but it’s Wrigley from 1958.  Ernie Banks at bat, Hank Aaron in right field.
2016 Hallowed Grounds Calendar January Wrigley
Here’s the full calendar as it’s currently hanging on my cubicle wall.  It’s a pretty good-sized calendar… 17″ x 11″ as it ships, but it opens up to 17″ x 22″ on your wall.

Just to give you a feel for the calendar, here are a couple of other images…

Angels Stadium (March)
2016 Hallowed Grounds Calendar march Angels Stadium

Camden Yards (April)
2016 Hallowed Grounds Calendar April Camden

Fenway Park, 1987 (February)
2016 Hallowed Grounds Calendar February Fenway

These aren’t the greatest photos, but I took them at work with my phone.  If you go to the link up above you can get a better idea of what the artwork looks like.

Anyway, like I said… quick post just in case anybody’s interested.  Back to the usual stuff tomorrow.


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