Hot Stove: Crap Cereal And A Peace Offering Of Sorts

It wasn’t until fairly late last night that I realized we were out of cereal… I’m sorry, that’s my fault, I should’ve checked earlier.

Unfortunately the only place that was open when I ran out for more was that big chain drug store up on Twin Springs Road, and all they had late on a Saturday night was this stuff:

Super Short Prints Cereal

Who knows,  maybe we’ll get lucky and get a marshmallow…

As for the peace offering…

About 10 days ago I made a comment elsewhere about Mike Piazza going into the Hall Of Fame as a Met…  Now me, I don’t have any huge attachment to Piazza, but I feel like one can make a strong case to have Piazza go in as a Met, just as one can make a strong case to have him go in as a Dodger.

My intended point was meant to be that Piazza means a lot to Mets fans in general, and the Dodgers already have HOFers like Jackie and Pee Wee and Duke and Sandy and Drysdale and Sutton, not to mention a bunch of guys who were inducted before most of us were born as well as non-players like Leo and Walter and Tommy and Vin… while the Mets have Tom Seaver, period…  So, you know, throw those Mets fans a bone, you Dodger fans will hardly even notice being short a HOFer.

But the main thing that I didn’t communicate is that I personally don’t really care.  I appreciate everything Piazza did for the Mets, but I think of him as a Dodger who played for the Mets.  He could’ve gone in as a Marlin and I wouldn’t really get upset.  I’d be amused, but not upset.

Unfortunately, I think my comment came across more emotional than “Eh, I can see both sides so WTF, let him go in as a Met”.

So for any Dodgers fans I may have upset, the one and only card in this box of dubious cereal is the Dodgers’ latest big money acquisition, Mr. Kenta Maeda.

2015-16 TSR Hot Stove #6 - Kenta Maeda

Maeda had an outstanding career in Japan, twice winning the Sawamura Award which represents the best starting pitcher in Nippon Pro Baseball.  He also made an impression during the 2013 World Baseball Classic, but time will tell if he’ll make the adjustment to MLB.  The Dodgers do have a pretty good track record with their Japanese pitchers (something the Mets sure has hell can’t say), so that may speak well for Maeda.

BTW, I overdid it on the “fake 3D blur” on the background of that custom, but that is Dodger Stadium behind him. Trust me.

Quick Addendum:  I’m currently in a position where I have several candidates for additional “Hot Stove” customs, but for the most part nobody jumps out at me.  If there’s anybody you’d like to see “photoshopped” into a new uniform, leave me a comment;  I’d be happy to give it a shot.

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