Let’s Start A Rival Football League!

With the NFL’s Rams leaving St. Louis to head back to Los Angeles, and with threats being made left and right regarding San Diego and Oakland, I’m none too happy with the NFL’s “800 Pound Gorilla” tactics.

I’m wondering if the time might be ripe to start up a new rival football league.  Hard as it is to believe, it’s been 15 years since a rival league last challenged the NFL in any way… The short-lived XFL had its one season in 2001.

What do you say we all put our money together, maybe create a Kickstarter campaign, and start a new league?  We could lay our cards on the table and call it the RFL – Rival Football League.  Rather than taking the NFL on directly, I would recommend going with the original plan the USFL had in the 1980’s and play football in the spring.

St. Louis could certainly be one of the franchises. San Diego and Oakland are certainly candidates as well, or San Antonio if they don’t lure the Raiders away.

As many sports networks as there are on cable these days, I can’t believe we couldn’t find a national cable audience… Maybe even work up a network out of these alternate channels the broadcast stations have.

Here are some other pro-football-free metro areas I think we could focus on:

      • Long Island, NY
      • Portland, OR
      • Sacramento, CA
      • Salt Lake City, UT
      • Las Vegas, NV
      • Orlando, FL
      • Austin, TX
      • San Jose, CA (Fuji, wanna own a team?)
      • Columbus, OH
      • Raleigh-Durham, NC
      • Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA
      • Oklahoma City, OK
      • Memphis, TN
      • Birmingham, AL (which has had several “rival league” teams over the past 40+ years)
      • Honolulu, HI
      • Louisville, KY

I know there are some who would say that Jacksonville and Cleveland could also use a professional football team.

What do you think? Do we have any prospective franchise owners out there? Do you have an ideas for your team’s city and/or name?


7 thoughts on “Let’s Start A Rival Football League!

  1. My interest in the NFL goes down every year. I still root for the Steelers, but when the lost last week it didn’t even bother me.

    A new league would be fun. Maybe “He Hate Me” can come out of the retirement. For as bad as the XFL was they did revolutionize the camera angles. I think starting out with 8 teams would suffice. I vote for Morgantown WV!!!!

    • Morgantown! Excellent idea! There’s WVU’s stadium, an entire state without a top-level pro team, and Pittsburgh less than 100 miles away. A franchise is hereby granted to Morgantown, WV.

      I’ve been losing enthusiasm for the Steelers and the NFL as well. I’m really not sure why. At least it makes me feel better to know I’m not alone on this.

    • I kept it confined to the US because I didn’t want to get crazy with expenses… So no intercontinental flights, no throwing half a billion dollars at Tom Brady. I probably shouldn’t have included Hawaii either.

      I also skipped Canadian cities because the CFL has enough problems… But I hadn’t thought of Mexico. I wonder if Mexico City or Monterrey would work…

      • Yeah Brady on the London Sillynannies is a long shot. Mexico City might be good. I know they’ve played some game there.

        San Juan PR or even Havana Cuba now that it’s open.

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