Another Installment Of “So THAT’S Where That Was!”

With a large amount of snow bearing down on us on the East Coast, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to write this post… And I’ll admit, I’m guilty of the thing many playoff teams get into, because I’ve also been looking past this post and more on the next post… I’m hoping I didn’t screw up my chances for the Blogosphere Championship.

As this is a “So THAT’S Where That Was” post, the cards here are all ones I’ve had for 30-40 years, but have been misplaced for much of that time.

The first card is a 1976 Topps “Welcome Back, Kotter” card that has been separated from its packmates for lo these 40 years.
1976 Topps Welcome Back Kotter Been A Hard Day
It’s miscut, but features a young John Travolta.  Woo, Travolta rookie!  I’ll put my non-existant kids through college with this baby!  Ba ba ba ba Babarino!

Appropriate for the recent Star Wars hype… Here’s a 1980 Burger King “The Empire Strikes Back” card, showing the Millenium Falcon being pursued by an Imperial Starcruiser (if I remember my Star Wars lingo).
1980 Burger King Empire Strikes Back Pursued By The Empire
Me, I thought the Star Wars movies were fun, but I’ve always been a Trekkie at heart.  I don’t remember getting this card, and I never really went to Burger King a whole lot, but there was one within walking distance (just barely) of my high school, so I’m guessing this was an after-school acquisition.
1980 Burger King Empire Strikes Back Pursued By The Empire back

This next card is clearly well-loved… It’s from the 1975 McDonald’s Quarter Back set, but it’s actually only half of the original card. One half – this half – featured an NFL quarterback, and the other half was a coupon for 25 cents off of a Big Mac, large fries and large drink… you use the coupon to get a quarter back! ARR ARR ARR!!! Humor!
1975 McDonald's Quarter Back Joe Ferguson

Funny to think of it now… Oooh, a whole quarter!  I ran 25 cents through the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Inflation calculator, and they say that it would be worth about $1.10 today, so I guess that’s a decent amount.

Here’s the crumpled back of the quarterback:
1975 McDonald's Quarter Back Joe Ferguson back
The funny thing is that I completely forgot I owned this card, I only had a vague recollection that, as a kid, I liked Joe Ferguson for some reason… and then I found this card and said “Oh, yeah, this is why I liked Joe Ferguson!”

Wrapping up with a 1976 MSA disk of Rick Monday. Unlicensed never looked so good!
1976 MSA Disk Rick Monday



4 thoughts on “Another Installment Of “So THAT’S Where That Was!”

  1. I want fast food trading card promotions back! Maybe thanks to all of the success the UD hockey brand has had with Tim Hortons will bring the idea back down here; I’d love to have oddballs like that Ferguson with my burger.

    • I’m not tremendously brand loyal when it comes to fast food, and I’ve been known to shift my lunchtime habits for a kid’s meal giveaway. I would eat a lot of burgers or doughnuts or whatever if they came with cards. I think if the leagues can look past the licensing fees to see the long-term benefits, maybe something could get done.

      • As someone who started going to Tim Horton’s to get cards (and I don’t collect hockey!), and increased my visits to Subway to get Avengers movie cards, I think that I’ve proved that I will alter my habits to get cards. I want to see more!

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