All It Takes To Brighten My Day Is Some 1984 Donruss

Last month I was at a show in another state, and when I travel a couple of hours just to get to the show, I do what I can to maximize the time spent looking at tables.  Hungry?  No time for overpriced convention center food, that’s why there’s trail mix in the backpack.  Need to sit?  Find a dealer’s table with chairs.  Need a bathroom break?  How badly do you need it?

After 5 hours of shopping I was burned out and bleary-eyed, shuffling down the aisles, unintentionally doing my best impersonation of a “walker” from The Walking Dead.

I was making my final pass through the floor, thinking that I should just get in my car and head home, when I saw it…

…a dime box…

…a dime box with a large quantity of 1984 Donruss!

1984 Donruss Gorman Thomas

O, frabjous day! Callooh!  Callay!

1984 Donruss Jeff Reardon

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think much of 1984 Donruss back in 1984. At the time, Donruss regularly finished a distant third to Fleer and Topps. And in many ways it’s really not that great of a set, it’s just another Donruss set with dark, uninspired photos.

1984 Donruss Jerry Koosman

…But I also didn’t see a lot of 84D back in 1984, and since it’s relatively scarce by Junk Wax Era standards, it’s fun to look for them now.

1984 Donruss Willie Randolph

I wouldn’t even think about completing the set, but I couldn’t resist filling out some team and player collection needs.  Plus I got some other cards that I just liked, such as this Bill Russell…

1984 Donruss Bill Russell

…And Bobby Grich…

1984 Donruss Bobby Grich

Padres fans will recognize this next guy, although the mustache might throw them off a bit…  And I’m still surprised that he’s not the Nationals’ manager in 2016.  No slight intended towards Dusty, but I thought hiring Bud Black was as close to a no-brainer as you’re going to get with a managerial hiring.

1984 Donruss Bud Black

I love the way the crowd is distorted in this picture;  too bad that Concepcion himself is backlit.

1984 Donruss Dave Concepcion

This Davey Lopes is a nice shot, and would’ve been a great shot if his face weren’t in shadow.

1984 Donruss Davey Lopes

And I’ll wrap things up with another former Met… A very young Frankie V on the verge of his breakout season.

1984 Donruss Frank Viola

I got a bunch of Mets and Orioles as well, but I’ll share them another time.


2 thoughts on “All It Takes To Brighten My Day Is Some 1984 Donruss

  1. Need some? I’ve got some that are free to a good home. Contact me at

    This was one of the first sets where the rookie card craze was starting to take off. The Darryl Strawberry card was hot and a few years later the Don Mattingly card would be one of the top cards of that decade.

    I liked them more than the previous Donruss sets due to the minimal borders and graphics. Many likened it to the 1967 Topps set for that reason. I also liked the white card stock compared to the usual grey material used by Topps.

    Neat to take a look back on one of the important sets of that era.

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