2016 Topps: Well, That Certainly Simplifies Things

Found 2016 Topps, bought blaster, ripped several packs in my car.

My first card:
2016 Topps Mark Melancon
For the most part, I had been withholding my opinion on the design until I held cardboard in my hands. Now that I’ve seen the cards, I can tell you that I don’t really have an opinion.

…Which is to say that I don’t love this design and I don’t hate this design. There’s really nothing wrong with it, I’m just completely without passion (positive or negative) regarding it… It simply *is* (in the same sense that Mount Everest *is*… or that Alma Cogan *isn’t*) (Been a while since I dropped a fairly obscure Monty Python reference).

2016 Topps Jake deGrom

And, truth be told, I’m fine with that. Going into 2016, I wasn’t sure what course of action I was going to take regarding the new sets. One could make the argument that it would do me well to stop buying cards for a while and just make a major push to organize what I have. The only thing is, I really enjoy busting wax of current players. It’s not even the lottery aspect of it… You can take away the inserts and variations and I’d still enjoy it. The fun of looking at new pictures of current major leagues is what got me into this hobby, I’m not stopping now.

But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to scale back on my buying… and here’s an opportunity served up on a golden platter.

Don’t get me wrong… I will buy more of these. I will buy some Series Two, I’ll probably buy Update.

2016 Topps Darnell Sweeney

…But I will not buy a factory set of this, nor will I even entertain the thought of completing this set.  Team sets? Absolutely. Tracking down certain players? You betcha. Raiding dime boxes? Sure, why not.

…But I’m hereby declaring “Topps Update Rules” to be in effect. I buy packs of Update, but I disregard most, if not all, of the subsets (unless the players on the cards fall into a team or player collection).

To be honest, having Update Rules in effect is kind of liberating. In the absence of any pretense of collecting the set, I can completely ignore 28 of the 30 team cards.
2016 Topps Yankees Team Card

I can also disregard league leader cards…
2016 Topps AL RBI Leaders
…well, OK, not THIS one because it has an Oriole on it… but otherwise, I can disregard them.

The inserts I pulled were largely uninteresting, but I did have comments on two of them…

This MLB Wacky Packages promo is just odd. I don’t know what else to say.
2016 Topps Cardinals Wacky Pack

My blaster came with “one commemorative MLB Debut medallion card”. I generally have little interest in medallion cards or manu-patches, so before I even opened my little one-card pack, I was hoping to pull something that might sell on COMC, or which I could trade to someone.

And then I got screwed up because I happened to pull Cal Ripken…
2016 Topps Debut Medallions Cal Ripken
…And I collect Cal… And Mrs. Shlabotnik (who’s been a fan of Cal since he looked like he does on this card) likes this card, so it looks like this one is going in the Cal binder.

Oh, before I forget… My blaster (which came from Target) included a booklet of coupons for future Topps purchases, and one of the packs included a topps.com promo card that also has a coupon on the back for 50 cents off “Select 2016 Topps Products”… so you might not want to automatically pitch those cards.

So, that’s about all I have to say.

And so, in conclusion, I leave you with a question…

When does Heritage come out?


15 thoughts on “2016 Topps: Well, That Certainly Simplifies Things

  1. Pretty neutral design as far as I’m concerned. No pack ripping here. Have a show in a couple weeks . I’ll go buy my team set for $3.00 and call it a day.

  2. To be fair I haven’t seen any in hand, but I’m not impressed at this point. To me, for some reason, they remind me of some of the less inspired inserts from previous flagship sets. It works out great for me as I don’t plan on buying even a single pack of this stuff, and now I don’t have to feel tempted. Like Mark, I will probably pick up a Red Sox team set and that’s about it. Thanks for posting yours!

  3. Eh,It’s just a baseball card that serves It’s purpose.The Pirates got the sh*# end though with their obstructed logo.I like them but I’ll mainly be chasing Mets guys.Is Conforto In this or the second series ?

      • Cool!I just looked at some Pirates cards on A Pack To Be Named Later and they don’t look as bad as that Melancon.

      • It’s all about which side of the card the Pirates “P” is on. When it’s on the right, it looks fine because you can see the “upright” of the P… But when the P is on the left, and you have that “backslash” window to view the logo through, all you see of the P is a weird-looking quadrangle.

        I’ve learned from making custom designs that it’s a good idea to try any ideas out for every team, just to make sure it works the way it’s intended. Obviously Topps didn’t do this for every team… at least not on both sides.

  4. Overall I’ve liked what I’ve seen. Doesn’t mean I’ll buy them. The design seems to pick up on the ESPN-ish 2015 football design. It does look “modern”. I like the full bleed but I could do without the smoky/fadeout corners. The more photo the better for me.

  5. Why didn’t Topps just opt to use the sleeve patch logo for the Bucs? Seems they did so for most other teams. Is it too much to ask for a little consistency out of these folks?

      • I’m not sure about this, but I think the Pirates’ official logo *is* the P, while the sleeve patch might just be a secondary logo or maybe just part of the uniform. It could be that Topps is.required to use only a team’s primary logo by the licensing agreement.

        …But again, that’s purely speculation, I don’t know that this is the case.

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