Hot Stove: One Last Box Of Cereal

Hey, everybody… Looks like this is the last time we’ll be having breakfast together on the weekends, at least for a while.

I did get a different cereal to try out this time…
Frank 'N Barry Cereal Box
Unlike the General Mills “Monster Cereals” that get trotted out every once in a while, I can assure you that Frank ‘N Barry cereal tastes the same as it always did!

As for the baseball cards in the box…

I was hoping that the Mets and Orioles would make a big splash in the offseason just so that I could have someone to photoshop into a new uniform… and both teams did make a big splash, but it was by re-signing a player. There’s no need to photoshop Chris Davis or Yoenis Cespedes, everybody knows what they look like in their respective uniforms. I thought about doing Neil Walker, but even though he’ll be important to the Mets in 2016, I wasn’t sure he qualified as quite a big enough of an acquisition to appeal to non-Mets fans… Which is not to say that he may not show up in a different custom soon…

So in absence of photoshopping someone into an Orioles uniform, I photoshopped someone *out* of an Orioles uniform. I never expected Wei-Yin Chen to return to the O’s, but I was thinking he’d end up with the Dodgers or Nationals, I didn’t expect the Marlins.
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove #8 - Wei Yin Chen
I hope he knows what he’s getting in to… Or is satisfied with the 80 million reasons he has to not care. Given the Marlins’ track record, I would not be surprised to see Chen traded or invoking his post-2017 opt-out.

Meanwhile, the Twins took a smaller gamble and signed slugger Byung-Ho Park, who was a two-time MVP in Korea.
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove CFL-2 Byung-Ho Park
I have him listed as a first baseman, but he might end up being a DH; I guess we’ll see.

As with the other customs using the 1965 Topps CFL design, I did not photoshop the image of Byung-Ho Park; this was a promotional picture issued by the team.

So that’s most likely it as far as these two sets go… I have some more off-season customs coming next weekend, but those will be in the 1976 Topps Traded design and will feature simulated airbrushing and goofy faux headlines.

…And won’t come in a box of cereal. You’ll just have to wait until after the 2016 World Series for more of those.


10 thoughts on “Hot Stove: One Last Box Of Cereal

  1. Awesome job with these posts. The cereal box covers are a hundred times more thoughtful, creative and well-executed than most of what I’ve seen of 2016 Topps so far. Really enjoyed reading these each weekend.

    • I’ve had a bunch of ideas from some brainstorming at the beginning, and I had a different idea for a Frankenberry parody that didn’t work the way I’d planned… But I came up with this one in January. Does that count as sitting on it? :-)

      • No not at all, lol. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that one” moments. Very clever. Well done.

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