Shlabotnik Quality Assortment #2: Baseball Cards Selected By A World-Renowned Expert

You read that right, these cards were selected by a world-renowned expert!  Would you believe it?  World-renowned!

Well, would you believe the cards were selected by a local celebrity?

OK, how about a blogger and two sleeping cats?

Anyway these cards are here for no real reason other than I own them and this post is about them… and that’s why they’re in this post.

I’ve been slowly busting a wax box of 1992 Stadium Club Series 3, and this card is easily my favorite so far…
1992 Stadium Club Jose Rijo
If you lived through the 1990’s, how can you help but love those sunglasses?

A little while ago I found a dealer selling some loose cards from the 1980 Topps “Super” 5×7 set… I do love me some oversized cards, especially when they feature Dave Winfield wearing the brown ‘n gold.
1980 Topps Super Dave Winfield
It doesn’t look oversized in this post, but trust me, it’s four times the size of a standard card.

I got this 1962 Ed Rakow card off of COMC for the sole reason that a)  I didn’t remember having seen this Kansas City A’s road jersey before, and b) it was cheap.
1962 Topps Ed Rakow
The 1962 A’s were a bad team (72-90) and Rakow lead the league with 17 losses… but he also lead the team with 14 wins.  14-17 for a 90-loss team ain’t too shabby.

Oh, and it looks like the road jersey was a design that was limited to 1961… although I guess this could’ve been taking in 1962 spring training.

The other day Shane over at Shoebox Legends was sharing some autographs of less-than-household-name players, which put me in mind of this Mike Birkbeck I got for under a dollar.
1996 Signature Rookies Old Judge Mike Birkbeck
For an unlicensed card, it’s not too bad looking, and I kinda like Mike Birkbeck for some reason.  I should probably mention that this is a 1996 Signature Rookies Old Judge T-96 insert.

This card is actually something of a mini, although it shows up as pretty much the same size as the other cards in this post.

This card is a little washed out in the scan, but you can see quite clearly that it’s a 1981 Coke card, not a 1981 Topps card.  Most of the 1981 Coke cards were pretty much identical to the Topps equivalent (aside from the Coke logo in the corner, of course), but this is not one of those.
1981 Coke Red Sox Frank Tanana
In January, 1981, Frank Tanana, Joe Rudi and a third player were traded by California to Boston for Fred Lynn and Steve Renko, and as a result a Tanana power collector can have a field day with the wide variety of 1981 cards that resulted… There’s the base Topps card which shows him with the Angels; the base O-Pee-Chee card that has the Angels photo with a Red Sox border; this card where he’s photoshopped into a Red Sox cap (and has a mustache) and his Topps Traded card which has him wearing a real Red Sox cap (and without a mustache).

Moving along and wrapping  things up, we’ve got a 1970 Fleer Laughlin World Series card featuring Moose Skowron and the 1963 World Series between da Yanks and da Bums.
1970 Fleer Laughlin World Series 1963
Unlike the other cards, this was not a recent acquisition. I’ve had this card since the 1970’s, but it was one of a number of cards I’d rediscovered after they’d been filed away and their “hiding place” was eventually forgotten over the years.

This is one of the few baseball cards to depict Moose with the Dodgers, especially if you don’t count his 1963 Topps card that says he’s with the Dodgers but shows him capless and in Yankee pinstripes. Skowron was with the Dodgers for just the one year before being sold to the Senators.

…And the 1963 World Series is near and dear to my heart in that it provided us with one of the greatest baseball card “headlines” known to man:
1964 Topps Sealing Yanks Doom
I’ve posted this card before, but “Sealing Yanks’ Doom” just never gets old.


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