A Guide To Yonder Alonso Variations In The 2015-16 Hot Stove Set

I originally had a post featuring some vintage football cards scheduled for today, but something came up that I felt required immediate attention.

This past Saturday I featured two 2015-16 Hot Stove cards that used the 1976 Topps Traded design.  Eagle-eyed reader Mike Fiske noticed that the Yonder Alonso card incorrectly lists him as a catcher;  sure enough, Alonso plays first base, not behind the plate.

I did a little research into this, and I found that this error was hastily corrected by TSR, and in the rush to correct this they inadvertently created several variations.  I’ve compiled a list of known variations.

First off, this is the original error card which lists Alonso as a catcher…
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove 76T-2 Yonder Alonso

NPB Card Guy will be happy to know I found a corrected variation that uses the catchphrase from Doctor Who…
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove 76-T2b Allons-y Yonder Alonso

Another variation features a censored-out “F— Face” on the front of the card;  I hear this variation is going for hundreds of dollars on auction sites.
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove 76T-2a Yonder Alonso F-Face

A third variation exists where they unknowingly used a photo of Gary Pettis’ younger brother…
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove 76-T2c Yonder Alonso Kid Pettis

And finally here is the corrected version that shows Yonder Alonso as a first baseman.
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove 76-T2z Yonder Alonso Corrected

There’s the full rundown;  hopefully some of you found some variations in the packs you’ve already busted.

Thanks for reading;  I’ll be back tomorrow with the postponed football cards!

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