Welcome To My Nightmare: Customs Of Strange And Disturbing Sports Mascots

A Mardi Gras party inadvertently gave birth to a new custom card set I’m unveiling here.

A friend of mine was telling me about a Mardi Gras party they’d had at her work, and asked me if I knew why there was a little plastic baby inside the King Cake. I vaguely remembered hearing something about this, how it represented the baby Jesus and it was good luck to find the baby in your piece of King Cake.

I went to Google on this to show her, and in searching on “King Cake Baby” I ran across a nightmarish image of a New Orleans Pelicans mascot that caused me to make a noise something like “GAAAAAAAHHH!!!

It made me think of some other recent, disturbing and/or deranged-looking mascots I’d seen, and a custom card set was born.

We’ll start with #1, “King Cake Baby”:
Nightmare #1 - King Cake Baby
This is apparently a mascot that the Pelicans only bring out during Mardi Gras… And we all thank the heavens above that it’s not seen more often.

The next custom is for a pair of mascots from a newly-minted minor league baseball team. The Hartford Yard Goats are a new AA team that has logos and uniforms that I like quite a bit. The team uses Hartford Whalers colors, and the team name and logo plays off of the city’s railroad history… A “yard goat” is an engine that moves train cars around a rail yard.  Understandably, the team is also playing up the animal aspect of “goat”.  I like their branding, but the new mascots are kinda deranged looking…
Nightmare #2 - Chompers And Chew Chew

I went far afield for this last mascot… This is Kingsley, the new mascot for the Scottish Premiership Football (aka soccer) team Partick Thistle.
Nightmare #3 - Kingsley
I’m not sure what the hell this is supposed to be, other than disturbing.

Does anybody know of any other sports mascots that qualify as disturbing and/or deranged? Let me know, and I’ll add to this custom set.


7 thoughts on “Welcome To My Nightmare: Customs Of Strange And Disturbing Sports Mascots

  1. A quick Google search for “deranged mascots” includes the two mascots for the Rio Olympics, the Minnesota Vikings weird blond Viking mascot, the UTEP Miner, the scary looking Denver Bronco thingy, and the anthropomorphic spider that is the mascot for the University of Richmond.

    That Miner seems to show up quite a bit.

  2. Love the cards. The Yard Goats stadium is being erected right across the street from our Hartford office, I’m looking forward to catching the occasional minor league game after work!

  3. That King Cake Baby is indeed creepy. The fact that it’s 7 feet tall doesn’t help!

    I’m not sure what to think about that sun thing with my name. On the one hand it’s cool to see that it does have my name…but on the other hand…just look at it!

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