I Got Some Big Old Socks

It’s been a busy week, one thing after another… Since I haven’t had time to finish one of the posts I’ve been working on, I’ll tell ya ’bout my big old socks…

…My oversized 1981 Topps Super Home Team Red Sox.  These cards are 5″ x 7″ and were sold only in the Red Sox home market (much of New England, I would presume).

Just to be clear, I scanned these in pairs because I was lazy.

Jim Rice and Carl Yastrzemski
1981 Topps 5x7 Red Sox Rice Yastrzemski
Jim Rice was an All-Star from 1977 to 1980, and the 1978 MVP, but was less than an All-Star in 1980.  He did lead the league in AB’s.

Carl Yastrzemski is no longer my favorite Yaz;  that’s now his Oriole prospect grandson Mike.  Like JIm Rice, 1981 was a rare non-All-Star year for Carl.  (Stay in the house, Carl!)

Dave Stapleton and Tony Perez
1981 Topps 5x7 Red Sox Stapleton Perez
Dave Stapleton finished second in 1980 Rookie Of The Year voting to the Indians’ “Super Joe” Charboneau, the original “Don’t invest too heavily in rookies” cautionary tale.  Stapleton was the starting 2B in 1980 because Jerry Remy was injured, but in 1981 Remy was back and Stapleton was the utility guy.

Tony Perez was a 39-year-old 1st baseman.

Carlton Fisk and Dwight Evans
1981 Topps 5x7 Fixk Evans
This Carlton Fisk photo looks familiar – is it used somewhere else that I’m not thinking of?  It’s also somewhat old as the Red Sox stopped wearing red caps  (and helmets) after the 1978 season.  Fisk had also changed his Sox;  he was with the Chicago White Sox in 1981.

Dwight Evans – are you ready for this?  – Dwight Evans *WAS* an All-Star in 1981… as well as a Gold Glove, Silver Slugger and finished 3rd in MVP voting (behind Rollie Fingers and Rickey Henderson).  If WAR had existed then, Dewey would’ve lead the AL with a 6.7 WAR.

Carney Lansford and Glenn Hoffman
1981 Topps 5x7 Lansford Hoffman
As I mentioned before, the Red Sox no longer had red caps in 1981, so who knows why Topps airbrushed Carney Lansford into a dated uniform.  He’d been acquired via trade from the Angels, and was the Red Sox starting 3rd baseman.

Glenn Hoffmann is Trevor Hoffman’s older brother (by nine years), was a 1980 Topps Rookie All-Star, and is currently the Padres’ 3rd base coach.

Tom Burgmeier and Dennis Eckersley
1981 Topps 5x7 Red Sox Burgmeier Eckersley
Tom Burgmeier was coming off 24 saves and an All-Star season. In 1981 he shared closer duties with Mark Clear and Bill Campbell.

Dennis Eckersley wasn’t a closer yet… He was a 26-year-old starter who had a mediocre 1981. Oakland would convert him to a reliever in 1987.

Frank Tanana and Bob Stanley
1981 Topps 5x7 Red Sox Tanana Stanley
I’m going to mention Bob Stanley first… He’s a reliever who had 14 saves in 1981 and started one game, a 3-2 loss to the Angels.

Like Carney Lansford, Frank Tanana had come from the Angels in a trade, but it wasn’t the same trade.

You might recognize this photo of Frank Tanana… The same photo was used on his 1981 Coke card that I featured a couple of weeks ago:
1981 Coke Red Sox Frank Tanana

And that’s all from Shlabotnik World Headquarters. Back to your regularly scheduled workday.

7 thoughts on “I Got Some Big Old Socks

  1. The red hat thing is really odd. And it almost looks like they airbrushed some highlights into Tanana’s hair and mustache. I need to get the Reds Team set from that year.

  2. I had that set as a kid and it is probably still at my mother’s house. Tanana looked so freaky in those pictures, especially with that perm.

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