Topps’ Other New Release: Three Packs Of 2016 Album Stickers

Last night I stopped by Target on the way home from work, and I saw that they had the new Topps MLB Sticker Collection and albums in stock.  I bought three packs, and let me tell you, these stickers are GREAT!!!

…for giving me something to write about without taking a whole lot of time or brain power.  Sorry, but I’m still trying to get my act together after a couple of weeks of moderate stress (which seems to be over now).

At any rate, busting packs of MLB album stickers when they come out has become a Shlabotnik Report tradition.  This is the fifth year that I bought stickers and then wrote about them… often while admitting that I bought them largely to write about them.

Here’s the wrapper.  Like last year, these stickers come in a Panini-like wrapper and are made in Italy.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

2016 Topps Album Stickers pack

I’m sure you all know the deal with these.  You’ve got the sticker album and you’ve got the stickers that come 8 to a pack.  I don’t “do” stickers, so I didn’t buy the album, I just bought packs.  Like in previous years, the packs are $0.99 each.

Here’s the first sticker…

2016 Topps Album Stickers Kenley Jansen

It does not offend, it does not make me wax poetic about the inherent beauty.

Former Oriole Nick Markakis… Note to Topps:  Red logo, red background… Not good.

2016 Topps Album Stickers Nick Markakis

This Prince Fielder is easily the best photo in the bunch, but…

2016 Topps Album Stickers Prince Fielder

…What’s with that glowy edge around Prince’s head and arms?  Could they have photoshopped him into the dugout?  I am suspicious.

…Or maybe it’s a life-sized cardboard standup of Prince Fielder in the dugout…

Team logo stickers.  These used to be foil, but I don’t think they do foil stickers anymore.

2016 Topps Album Stickers Tigers Pirates logos

Oriole pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez.  I got two Orioles, but no Mets.  Poo.

2016 Topps Album Stickers Ubaldo Jimenez

As always, there are Mascots.  I like the idea of a triceratops as a mascot, I just wish Dinger was a little less… goofy.

2016 Topps Album Stickers Dinger

For the second year in a row, I pulled a sticker of Kurt Suzuki.  I must be getting Fuji’s packs.
2016 Topps Album Stickers Kurt Suzuki

I’ll be frank, I liked the stickers more back when I made jokes about them being “adhesive minis” because they looked like little baseball cards. Back when they looked like this:

2012 Stickers Nick Markakis

This year and last, they’ve been more like… well… *stickers*.  Uninteresting little things that probably (hopefully) work well in the album, but aren’t anything to speak of individually.

But I guess I can’t complain.  I got what I paid for, and continued a tradition for another year.



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