1974 Customs By Request, Plus Two Bonus ’74’s

Change your clocks!  It’s Daylight Savings Time!  (There’s your Public Service Announcement for today.  The Shlabotnik Report cares.)

…Unless you’re reading this outside of the United States, in which case leave your clocks the way they were… unless you want to change them anyway.

OK, this is off on a sleep-deprived tangent.  What I really wanted to talk about was some customs I made…  Fatcat47, Cardinals fan and Shlabotnik Report reader, asked if I could do some Cardinals up in the 1974 style.  It took me a while because I went off on various impulsive custom-making missions, but after that itch was scratched… and BTW, if I ever make “1981 Topps Scratch-Off” customs, you’ll know I went off the deep end…  But after that itch was scratched I fired up the 1974 template and went to work.

FYI, most of these are Cardinals, but I’ve got two young guys at the end who caught my attention this spring, for two different reasons.

On with the show…

I picked out this Yadier Molina image because I thought it had potential to be a 1974-esque action shot, but it turned out better than I’d expected (meaning not particularly 1970’s-Topps-action-shot-y)… and for that I apologize.
2016 TSRchives 74T-2 Yadier Molina
Yadi is working his way back from offseason thumb surgery, but he is shooting for being active when the season starts.

Sam Tuivailala has one of my favorite names in MLB.
2016 TSRchives 74T-3 Sam Tuivailala
Right now he’s got more AAA saves (17) than MLB innings (15.2), but I’m keeping fingers crossed that he gets significant time in the St. Louis bullpen in 2016.

This custom worked out a little better as a 1970’s action shot.
2016 TSRchives 74T-4 Stephen Piscotty
Stephen Piscotty is one of the reasons the Cardinals let Jason Heyward leave after the season. He put on a show in last year’s NLDS, batting .375 with 3 homers, 5 runs and 6 RBI.

Kolten Wong recently signed a 5-year extension with the Cards, so we’ll be seeing him at second base for a while.
2016 TSRchives 74T-5 Kolten Wong
It seems like there are more Hawaiian players now than there have been in quite a while… Wong, Shane Victorino, Kurt Suzuki, among others. Sorry, I’m drawing a blank on things to say about Kolten Wong.

‘Wainwright’ has two W’s
They get that one wrong and I get the blues
That old grammar school try’s
Just not good enough, guys
‘Wainwright’ has two W’s…
2016 TSRchives 74T-6 Adam Wainwright
While creating this Adam Wainwright custom, I thought of the Loudon Wainwright III song “T.S.M.N.W.A.” (which stands for “They spelled my name wrong again”). As someone whose name is often misspelled, I completely appreciate this song. I try not to embed videos in my posts because of technical issues, but it’s easy enough to find on your own, if you’re curious.

Adam Wainwright missed most of last year to injury, but is working to re-establish himself as the Cardinals’ #1 pitcher.

Moving on to non-Cardinals, we have Joey Rickard of the Orioles. Joey is a Rule V guy who was selected out of the Rays organization after a big year in AAA. Rickard has gotten some notice in Spring Training, and manager Buck Showalter likes him, so I don’t know if Tampa Bay fans should leave a light on for Rickard.
2016 TSRchives 74T-8 Joey Rickard
…and I still don’t know if his name is pronounced RICK-ard or rick-ARD.

Over in Arizona, outfielder Boog Powell is getting attention, if only because his name is Boog Powell. No, he’s not related to THE Boog Powell, but as long as he doesn’t try to sell barbeque in Baltimore, I think he’ll be OK.
2016 TSRchives 74T-9 Boog Powell


4 thoughts on “1974 Customs By Request, Plus Two Bonus ’74’s

  1. Once again, Joe, you have totally outdone yourself. These are absolutely incredible, and I sincerely appreciate the hard work you did in making these cards of my favorate team. Kudos, bro. (some ’79’s, please? doesn’t have to be Cardinals, btw. appreciate it!)

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