Guest Writer:  Joey S. From Miss DeLuca’s 3rd Grade Class

(In a post the other day, I mindlessly declared the Phillies to have been the 1993 World Champions, forgetting the whole Joe Carter walk-off homer thing. That convinced me that I needed a break from thinking and research… so for today’s post I’m turning things over to my third grade self)

I am going to write about some baseball and hockey cards that were bought from a website called COMC. I live in 1973 so I don’t know what a website or COMC are.

This is a card that Bob (The Five Tool Collector) really likes. I really like it too, that’s why it’s here.
1961 Topps Wes Covington
This card is older than I am, but only a couple of years. I don’t remember the Milwaukee Braves, only the Atlanta Braves.  I wonder if they ever played against the Brewers.

I like this hockey card. It shows two hockey players, but look behind the glass.
1977-78 OPC Mike Walton
See the man in the suit with the big cowboy hat?  He makes me smile because he looks like Jed Clampett when he goes to Mr. Drysdale’s bank to talk about his money.

This next card is one that came in a box of Kellogg’s cereal.  It’s pretty cool the way it looks like the background moves, but it’s not a real baseball card, it’s just something that comes with cereal my Mom doesn’t buy.
1980 Kellogg's Jim Palmer
(2016 Joe here… I really did think that when I was a kid.  “Real” baseball cards were standard size and came in packs.  They most certainly didn’t come in a box of cereal or, even worse, get cut out of a snack cake box.  Maybe I would’ve felt differently if my mom bought Kellogg’s or Hostess… OK, back to 3rd grade Joey).

Here’s a card of Rube Walker.  I know you are all in 2016, but here in 1973 he is a coach with the Mets.  This card must be really old because he looks young and the card says “Brooklyn Dodgers”.  The Dodgers have been gone forever.
1954 Topps Rube Walker
Mrs. Goodwin next door says that the Dodgers broke her heart when the left town. I don’t know about that because that happened before I was born.

Miss DeLuca is telling me I should be polite and thank you all….

Thank you for reading. I had fun writing this and I hope you had fun too.


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