Five From 1992 Stadium Club Series 3

About a year ago I bought a $5 wax box of 1992 Stadium Club Series 3, something I figured I’d use as a fallback when I didn’t have any other wax boxes to bust. I’m still slowly working my way through the box (about 4 packs to go), but among all the headshots (there were a lot of traded players in the 3rd series) are some cards I’m happy to add to my collection.

And so, without any additional blah blah blah on my part, here are five of those.
1992 Stadium Club Rickey Henderson

1992 Stadium Club Roger McDowell

1992 Stadium Club Steve Wilson

1992 Stadium Club Danny Tartabull

1992 Stadium Club Greg Olson


6 thoughts on “Five From 1992 Stadium Club Series 3

  1. All five are solid photos for sure, but personally my favorite is the Tartabull. I’m also always glad to hear there are others who stretch boxes and packs out for months or longer.

  2. All good. I like the Rickey being Rickey card. I’ve still got to be way up there when it comes to not opening packs. My last count was somewhere in the neighborhood of 400. I still have three discounted blasters from two Christmas’s ago that I bought with a box of Stadium Club. At least I opened that.

  3. Love McDowell’s mullet. The 1991 and 1992 SC sets are so visually appealing. Easily some of my favorite sets of the 90’s.

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