Pack Animal:  2015 Topps Doctor Who

Just in time to fill in an empty spot in my posting schedule, here comes The Doctor to save the day!
2015 Topps Doctor Who Wrapper

I’d been keeping an eye out for these for a while, and found some when I went into a semi-local gaming store to buy a box of 9 pocket sheets (which is what you see under the pack).

I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since the late 1970’s when the original run of the show made it to PBS in New York.  I enjoyed the first few seasons of the 21st century reboot, and although I have no problem with Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi, their runs as The Doctor came under show runner Stephen Moffat, who gets too hung up on the creepy stuff and the whole “Monster of the week” theme.

But no matter. Let’s see what we got in this lovely pack which contains 6 cards. I fear I will get six companions I can’t stand from throughout the years. Let’s see, who would I least want to pull? Romana, K9, Perri, Amy Pond, Romana II… and I can’t think of a 6th so I’ll instead go with Colin Baker’s pretentious and horribly costumed 6th Doctor.

And for those who aren’t familiar with Doctor Who, the protagonist is a humanoid alien who has the ability to regenerate into another form when the actor leaves to pursue other opportunities…. Uh, err, I mean when The Doctor is gravely wounded. Yeah.

There have been 12 Doctors so far. Numbers 1-7 came during the original run of the show, #8 was from a TV movie/failed piloting the 1990’s and 9-12 are all from the 21st century version of the show.

OK, worst case scenario out of the way, let’s see what’s here.
2015 Topps Doctor Who The First Doctor
The First Doctor, played by William Hartnell. He has the role in the early 1960’s. I’ve seen very little of him as many of those episodes were lost.

By the way, some of these images have a reflection in the top right corner that came from my trying to photograph at an angle in order to make the foil more foily.  The character names and the border around the name box are foil.

Slitheen… An alien from the current run.
2015 Topps Doctor Who Slitheen
I can’t explain them in one sentence.

Oh, dear God… Romana II. The original Romana regenerated into another actress. I didn’t like either of them.
2015 Topps Doctor Who Romana II
Back in the day, I badly wanted to slap Romana II’s prissy, smug face. Still do.

The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. Donna wasn’t for everyone as she was intentionally grating, but I liked her… But not as much as I liked her grandfather Wilfred.
2015 Topps Doctor Who Companions - Donna Noble
That’s one thing sorely missing from the Moffat regime, a good supporting cast.

The Doctor’s Daughter.
2015 Topps Doctor Who Jenny The Doctor's Daughter
I forgot the details, she was a short-term character and had been generated from The Doctor’s DNA or something

2015 Topps Doctor Who Nyssa
Nyssa could be the New York Society of Security Analysts… or the New York State Snowmobile Association… or the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists… or the companion who joined the show just before #4 (my first and favorite Doctor) regenerated into #5 (who was OK, but he wasn’t #4). I probably saw every show with Nyssa in it, but that was 30 years ago and I don’t really remember much.

Well, if nothing else, this pack convinced me that I don’t want the full set, I’ll just chase down my favorite characters.

BTW, Topps is coming out with another series of Doctor Who. Teenage me would be floored by the merchandising of what had, at one point, been a cult show in the US.

Did anybody else buy any of these?


5 thoughts on “Pack Animal:  2015 Topps Doctor Who

  1. Not really a Doctor Who fan, but I did get a little interested in it when David Tennant was in the title role, but then again, I’ve been a big fan of his work for years.

  2. Big fan of Doctor Who, not so much of Topps attempt at this I would much rather Rittenhouse or Cryptozoic doing it. That said I haven’t really pursued these. The foil is what is turning me off. I got turned off of foil since the end of the Junk Wax years and the continuation of the junk foil years that seem to be still going on. There is always too much foil being used to make the cards all shiny and Chrome-y. BTW I happen to like Romana 1 not so much Romana II. Been a fan since early the early 1981 PBS days.

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