2016 TSR: The First Virtual Wax Pack Of The Season

When it comes to my custom TSR set, my goal is always to have virtual packs on the virtual shelves by opening day.

Fortunately for me, I never specified whose opening day, and since a number of teams have yet to play as this is being posted, I’m going to consider this goal to have been met with this post.

So here’s the deal with my custom set: it’s meant to be the type of original-design throwback set that I wish someone would make. Although I never design card backs or print these out, I always think of these as being printed on gray cardboard a la 1970’s and 1980’s Topps. As there are no “lottery” inserts like relics or autographs or short-printed variations, being “tamper-proof” is not necessary, and so cards come in wax packs.

And here’s our first pack…

2016 TSR wrapper series one

Now that I’m into my fifth year of making my custom cards, I find myself kinda wishing I could’ve come up with a better name than the initialization of “The Shlabotnik Report “… But five years in and I still don’t have a better name in mind, so TSR it is.

Let’s rip this pack open, OK?

2016 TSR #50 - Bryce Harper

It’s not unusual for me to have a particular decade I set out trying to emulate, but this year’s set started out with a general graphical idea, and the rest fell into place after a lot of messing around with different things. I feel like I ended up inadvertently paying homage to a particular subset of Topps history, but I won’t say anything more and let you form your own impressions.

2016 TSR #60 - David Price

Today’s pack is all base cards, but there will eventually be all of the subsets and inserts you might be familiar with from past years… Notable Newbies, Pointless Pairings, Draft Picks, Futures Game, 2016 Highlights and fake rub-off tattoos.

2016 TSR #36 - Barry Bonds

Coaches and managers will be around again, and I’ve got some ideas for new types of “inserts”.

2016 TSR #38 - Yasmany Tomas

There’s no true rhyme or reason in the players featured here, other than I created a number of customs as part of the design process and felt like these were the best so far.

2016 TSR #40 - Todd Frazier

So there’s your first pack of the year… A little bit rushed to make it by Opening Day, but the way these things go, I’m always tweaking things until I reach my self-imposed deadline anyway.

Keep an eye out for wax, cello and rack packs in your favorite fictional stores, like Virt-U-L-Mart!


19 thoughts on “2016 TSR: The First Virtual Wax Pack Of The Season

  1. Love the design of this year’s TSR set! Had to do a double take at the Bonds because I’m still not used to the sight of him as a Marlin (is anybody?).

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  3. Once again, my first pack of the year and I get no Orioles. Figures.

    My next thought…that’s not exactly where I’d like to see Bonds insert that bat, but it’s close enough.

    • Truth be told, the player selection depended on several factors, but one of the biggest factors was “Have I figured out which colors I’m using for this team?”

      Bonds is here solely for the novelty of seeing him in a Marlins uniform, but I have to say I’ve been entertained by the backlash. :-)

      • On that note, as far as special inserts go, have you possibly thought of making “What If” cards (Stan Musial as a Cub and Ernie Banks as a Cardinal or what an Oriole player would look like in a modern-day St. Louis Browns uni? Personally I’d like to see Robin Yount as a Seattle Pilot, or Lou Gehrig as an Oakland Athletic.) Just wondering. Would like to see at least one more Pointless Pairing card, I enjoyed the last ones. Anyway, awesome cards, bro.

      • I’m glad you like the Pointless Pairings cards… There may be one in the next pack, it mainly depends on how soon I finish my horizontal template.

        It’s been a while, but I’ve featured a few cards from an alternate universe. Not too too long ago there was a 1974 traded of the Angels’ Ron Santo, and a couple of years ago there was a 1975 card of the Pilots’ Gorman Thomas. There will be more at some point when the inter dimensional rift is up and running.

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