2016 Donruss Value Pack:  Hey, That Didn’t Suck!

Last week I had a dentist appointment, and as it so happens, my dentist’s office is near a Target. More often than not, after I’m done getting my teeth poked, prodded, scraped, drilled or whatever, I reward myself by going to Target and buying something from the card aisle.

This time I was planning on buying a blaster of Opening Day, but there weren’t any. I looked around to see what else was there, and I saw packs of 2016 Donruss. While I was debating that, I saw the value packs hanging nearby, and figured “In for a penny, in for a pound”. Besides, it doesn’t take a math major to figure out that the value pack is much more cost-effective than the wax packs.

2016 Donruss Value Pack wrapper 2

Please forgive the mangled wrapper… I forgot to scan it until after it had been torn open and on the floor of my car for a few days.

So I crossed my fingers, bought my pack, went out to the car, ripped it open and was fairly well pleased with what I got.

…In fact, I feel like I got my money’s worth… This time, anyway. You’ll see why in a bit.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a candidate for set of the year or anything… But I kinda like the design. If this were a fully-licensed set, I might buy more of this than flagship Topps.

I got off to a promising start with the first card, as I got an addition to my Cal Ripken collection.
2016 Donruss Cal Ripken
I chase after Cal in fits and spurts… but I always hang on to anything that falls in my lap.

I also got two Mets…
2016 Donruss David Wright
2016 Donruss Curtis Granderson
I won’t bother showing the backs. They’re standard Donruss boring stuff… Might as well be blank.

This David Price card amused me because it’s out of date:
2016 Donruss David Price
C’mon guys. It’s an unlicensed card. All you needed to do to update it was change the border color and change”Toronto” to “Boston”. If you wanted to go full bore, you could tweak the photoshopping so the generic blue uniform is a generic navy uniform.

The Diamond Kings are part of the base set, and are really not very exciting… Not this one, anyway.
2016 Donruss Michael Brantley DK

Rated Rookies are also part of the base set, and are kinda just there.
2016 Donruss Jose Peraza Rated Rookie

Moving on to the inserts.

I got a Studio card of Kris Bryant. This is a nice-looking card, they really should do more with Studio than a 10-card insert set.
2016 Donruss Kris Bryant Studio

My pack would’ve been ideal for a Cubs fan, because I got this Kyle Schwarber “The Rookies” insert… and that wasn’t the end of my Schwarberrific fun (hint #2)
2016 Donruss Kyle Schwarber Rookies

The Schwarbmeister was a find for my fantasy team last year, because he was catcher-eligible, but played more games in the outfield.

I got a “1982” Mike Trout, which is pretty much as disappointing in person as it is in images.
2016 Donruss 1982 Mike Trout
Look at this… This could’ve been the most awesome unlicensed card of 2016. You’ve got a nice photo where you don’t see the logos anyway – a license-free dream if I ever did see one – and what do they do to it? They have these big-ass logos and this thick chunky border that steps on Trout’s hat and covers the adoring fans.

I can understand making changes to the design, at this point I’ve come to the conclusion that there is some sort of legal-ish, copyrighty, wibbley-wobbley reason for doing so. But we’re talking about 1982 Donruss… it’s not the epitome of the graphic arts. There are all kinds of things that could’ve been done other than to make the borders thicker and make the fonts tiny, black and boring.

And just as a contrast and a little bit of chest-thumping, here’s my custom 82D Mike Trout that I published a month or two ago:
2016 TSRchives 82D-3 Mike Trout


OK, now on to the highlight of the pack…

…The cherry on my Donruss sundae…

The main reason this pack was worth the $5 I spent on it…

2016 Donruss Promising Pros Kyle Schwarber
Not too shabby, even if relics aren’t nearly as popular as they used to be (and maybe why the local pack searchers didn’t end up with this).

It’s clear that the Shlabotnik Curse is still going strong, because I pulled two Schwarber inserts and then he misses the season.

Sorry, Cubs fans.

I’m not sure that I’d buy more 2016 Donruss, I’d probably be pushing my luck… but it was nice to buy a pack of something Panini and not have instant pangs of regret.


7 thoughts on “2016 Donruss Value Pack:  Hey, That Didn’t Suck!

  1. Hey – you got my pack! I bought one of those value packs and got zero Cubs cards; funny how the world works, isn’t it?

    Relics might not be worth all that much monetarily; however, the thrill in pulling a hit is still worth the price of admission in my eye.

  2. Not bad! Since I don’t make customs I think maybe I’m more forgiving, I think this set is kinda fun. I agree with you, if it had logos it would blow 2016 Topps flagship out of the water.

  3. Your redo of the 1982 Donruss is light years better than the abortion that is the Panini version.

    I could go for a Donruss Archives set if it were licensed.

    That won’t happen any time soon, but man, that would be a set I’d chase.

  4. Yep, your Trout is way better than Donruss’s. They could really learn a thing or two about custom cardmaking if they only went online every once in a while.

  5. I’d give your Trout the nod over the Donruss also! Haven’t bought any Donruss yet, maybe I should grab a pack or two. If anything it will give me something to post on my blog.

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