2016 TSR: I Love A Man In A Uniform

OK, well, it’s more that I love a good uniform, and when it comes to baseball these uniforms are generally worn by men… But given the custom cards in today’s post, it seemed appropriate to quote the 1982 song “I Love A Man In A Uniform” by Gang Of Four.  I would embed the video in this post, but doing that seems to put my blog into the blogroll penalty box (more so than it already is), so you’ll just have to seek it out yourself if you want a soundtrack for this post.

OK, on to the pack!

2016 TSR wrapper series one

This past week, the Diamondbacks wore their dark grey road alternates for the first time. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the D-Backs prove you wrong.
2016 TSR #47 - Patrick Corbin
It’s hard to find one image that conveys all that is wrong with these unis, and I’m not sure this one does the trick.  These road alts manage to be simultaneously dark AND garish. That’s not an easy thing to pull off.  Dark grey with black, dark red and teal?  It’s not good.  It’s really not good.

The Dodgers unveiled a small addition to their uniforms, and it’s one that I really like… and it’s not the matte finish on the batting helmets (although that is a trend that’s growing on me).
2016 TSR #48 - Enrique Hernandez
The “LA” logo on the helmets was generated by a 3D printer… it’s not just a decal, it has dimension, meaning that it casts a shadow. I love that.

Speaking of little details that I love, this is completely off the subject of this post, but I noticed in previews for 2016 Topps Heritage High Numbers that the little dot between the player’s name and position makes its appearance in that set. As you may or may not know, the first series of 1967 Topps  (which is the basis for 2016 Heritage) had no dot between the player and position listing on the top of the front, but later series added the dot. I had mildly rebuked Topps for not doing something similar with the regular Heritage set, but now that I see they’re putting it into Hi #’s, I think it’s great. Not only does it pay homage to the original in a different way, it also gives a quick visual differentiation between Heritage and Heritage High Numbers. I don’t say this often, but… Well played, Topps. Well played.

OK, back to the pack…

My condolences go out to those in attendance at last night’s Twins/Angels game.
2016 TSR #52 - Eduardo Escobar
The Twins wore their red alternates. The Angels wore their red alternates. On top of that it was Jackie Robinson Day, so everybody was wearing #42.

To quote Gang Of Four: You must be joking, oh man, you must be joking.

When I am named Emperor Of Baseball (because “Commissioner” ain’t enough), I’m going to appoint a Uniform Czar to oversee this stuff. No “red on red” games. No red uniforms with red numbers. Most controversially, there will be only one 42 on each team for Jackie Robinson Day. To paraphrase a familar saying, “If everybody is Jackie, then nobody is Jackie.”

Quick aside:  If I had a readily-available template for a horizontal 1973 Topps card, I would’ve used that for the above game shot. It seemed perfect in a 1973 “Which guy are we looking at?” sort of way.

There now follows an open letter to Cleveland Indians pitcher Danny Salazar and the Indians’ equipment manager:
2016 TSR #53 - Danny Salazar
Dear Guys,
I freakin’ LOVE the striped stirrups. Keep up the good work!
Joe Shlabotnik.

It’s time for a new insert, this one is a TSRchives custom specially made for the Mets’ new alternates. To commemorate the 1986 World Championship team, the Mets will wear ’86 Throwbacks for Sunday home games. The first such game came this past Sunday, and here is the first card from this insert set.
2016 TSRchives 86T-2 Matt Harvey
For the record, I did not play games with the 86T design… the background at the top of the photo is just really dark and doesn’t stand out from the black border.

The Pirates will wear their “We Are Family” throwbacks for the first time tomorrow, so I hope to get a similar card into the next pack (most likely using the 1979 Topps design).

The last two customs aren’t uni-related, but were promised to readers…

Previously on St. Louis Cardinals baseball: Jhonny Peralta has been the Cardinals’ shortstop for the past two years, but he got injured in Spring Training. The Cardinals acquired former Met Ruben Tejada to fill in, but Tejada got hurt. Once again needing a shortstop, the Cardinals turned to Cuban prospect Aledmys Diaz…

Diaz has responded by hitting (as of this morning) .407 with 5 doubles, a triple, two homers, 8 runs and 8 RBI.
2016 TSR #3 - Aledmys Diaz
I had to be very careful when making the custom and writing out Diaz’ name, because I want to call him Almedys – not sure why – but his name is Aledmys. Cuban names seem to throw me off my game for some reason.

Here’s the other insert in this pack, the first “Pointless Pairing” of 2016.
2016 TSR PP-1a Bryce And Bryce

So there’s our uni-themed pack of TSR cards… Truth be told, I didn’t realize it was going to be uni-themed until I sat down to write it. What theme will next weekend’s pack have? I guess we’ll both find out then.

14 thoughts on “2016 TSR: I Love A Man In A Uniform

  1. Agree on the Jackie thing. Maybe for the first year. They need to get more creative. One idea. All the teams wear 1947 uni’s. But that only works for some teams. IDK. It’s too early.

    • Nor am I. These just might be the worst unis ever in MLB history. And I’m including those horrid all-red monstrosities that the Indians wore in the ’70’s.


  3. Didn’t see the Harvey till tonight (good thing you referenced it 4/25-I missed this post). Not a fan of the 86T design but still, your Harvey’s an awesome card. If I haven’t said it before, the “Pointless Pairings” is like the best/funniest concept ever in trading cards.

      • First day I’ve had to sit around and look over some of my fav blogs in weeks. I just realized that I stole your idea. I always look forward to bustin’ TSR packs. I must’ve missed the throwback inserts. Sorry, it wasn’t a deliberate theft.

        Not sure if I should chalk this one up to:

        a) Another senior moment.
        b) Great(ish) minds think alike.
        c) Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery.

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