2016 TSR: Notable Newbies, Achievements And Throwbacks

Another weekend, another pack of 2016 TSR, available at fine stores all over Gotham City, Atlantis, South Park, Latveria and Rivendell!

2016 TSR wrapper series one

Blake Snell was the Baseball America and USA Today Minor League Player of the Year last season, and made his Major League debut yesterday against the Yankees.
2016 TSR #6 - Blake Snell
It was just a spot start and he’s being sent back down to AAA, but in 5 innings he struck out 6 while allowing 1 run on two hits. Despite his efforts, the Yankees won anyway. (Sigh).

It turns out that it is possible for a Mets pitcher to fly under the radar, because Logan Verrett has done just that.
2016 TSR #7a - Logan Verrett
Orioles and Rangers fans might be familiar with his name… He was a Rule V selection by the O’s last year, spent Spring Training with the team but was put on waivers before the season started. He pitched 4 games for Texas before being returned to the Mets. This year, in two spot starts and two relief appearances he’s given up 1 run and 10 hits in 14 innings. In his first start he should’ve been in line for the win after shutting out the Marlins for 6 innings, but Adam Conley also shut down the Mets for 6 innings. He got more run support in his second start, leaving the game with a 6-0 lead.

Here’s the first 2016 Highlights card of the season… By now, you all know about Jake Arrieta’s no-hitter. Not surprisingly, the Topps Now card commemorating this event has had the biggest press run so far – 1,808 cards.
2016 TSR #54 - Arrieta No-Hitter Highlights
One of these days I’m going to dig out my scorebooks and see how Arrieta did in all the games I saw him pitch for the Orioles. He always showed signs of promise, mixed with signs of ending up as a middle reliever.

Check out these career statistics for Terrance Gore… Granted, “Career” means 22 games over three seasons, but even so…
2016 TSR #57 - Terrance Gore
Gore has 9 stolen bases, 7 runs scored… and 6 plate appearances. On top of that, he’s been hit by a pitch twice and has no hits. Again, this is for 22 games over three seasons. Add in the postseason and he’s got two more runs, four more stolen bases… and no additional plate appearances. I know this is largely because of the way that Ned Yost uses Gore, but it’s still fun stuff. He’s like a 21st Century Herb Washington!  I thought about listing his position as “PINCH RUN.” just like on Washington’s 1975 card, but I decided against it at the last minute… and now I kinda regret it.

OK, so last week I did a TSRchives card of Matt Harvey in a throwback Mets uniform with the promise of a similar card for the Pirates in the next post. I’d mentioned a 1979 custom, but decided to go with the 1978 design instead. I also followed up Matt Harvey with…. Rob Scahill?
2016 TSRchives 78T-2 Rob Scahill
Trust me, I’m not an anti-Buc-ite… I just went with the photo that I thought would work best in this case.  Since both teams are wearing their throwbacks for Sunday home games, there will be more of these cards in the future (and I’m sticking with the 1978 design for the Pirates, just because I like it better than 79T).

You never know how Japanese pitchers are going to play out in MLB, but so far Kenta Maeda looks like the real deal.
2016 TSR #4 - Kenta Maeda
Yesterday he no-hit the Rockies into the 6th (in Denver, I might add). Over four starts he’s 3-0 with 23 K’s, just 5 BB’s, a 0.868 WHIP and a 0.36 ERA. In his one no-decision he pitched six scoreless innings.

Nomar Mazara has gotten off to a hot start in his rookie season. As of this morning, he’s batting .357 with 7 runs, 5 RBI, 2 doubles and a homer. He also robbed Todd Frazier of a homer in yesterday’s game.
2016 TSR #5 - Nomar Mazara
…and he turns 21 on Tuesday. Daaaaamn.

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