Pack Animal: 2016 Bowman 3-Pack With Yellow Parallels

“Mildly intrigued” is how I would describe my early take on 2016 Bowman after reading about them on some of the other blogs.  I’m really not a Bowman collector, but I have to admit that I liked what I’d seen to date, and in a year when the flagship Topps set is as… um… underwhelming as it is this year, I’ve been looking around for something that will get my pack-ripping blood flowing, at least a little bit, no matter how temporary.

Good news for the local Target stores… That nerdy-looking guy who’s been lurking in the card aisle every other day is going to take a breather… Well, at least until the next “mildly intriguing” product gets released and I’m looking for something to write about.

OK, on to the pack… or packs, as I ripped two of the three I got, along with the little mini pack of yellow parallels.

First card… Adam Jones!  I’m off to a good start.
2016 Bowman Adam Jones
Not bad… not bad at all.  As I’d mentioned before, I’m not a Bowman collector.  I generally make a half-arsed attempt to fill out my team collections, as well as seeking out minor leaguers I’ve seen in person.  This is a decent-enough set that I wouldn’t rule out buying a pack or two in the future.

I didn’t realize this from scans I’d seen, but there is no foil.  When was the last time the Bowman base design was foil-free?  1991?  I’m sorta live-blogging this, so I’ll figure out the answer to that question at the end of the post.

And why is it that, after 20 years of my saying “OK, guys, enough with the foil”, Topps has finally moved away from it?

The backs are visually appealing and I like that they’re color-coded by team, but my eyesight has never been the greatest to start with, so it’s not entirely an “old man thing” to say “I CAN’T READ THESE!!!”

…And the card numbers should be white and larger, but that’s also from the standpoint of someone having to sort stacks of these things.
2016 Bowman Adam Jones back

It occurs to me that the backs would go well on a 2016 Donruss card.  Whatcha think?
2016 Donruss Curtis Granderson

OK, back to the cards in my pack…
2016 Bowman Trayce Thompson
This is either really bad photoshopping or it’s Flat Stanley’s rookie card.  Good gravy, guys… if the end result is going to look this fake, why don’t you just paste Trayce Thompson’s face on Yasiel Puig’s body?

I pulled a Chrome card and a base card of the same guy;  here they are side-by-side for comparison purposes.
2016 Bowman Base And Chrome Franklyn Kilome

This card for Giants prospect Phil Bickford gives me an idea for Panini…
2016 Bowman Phil Bickford

Instead of removing cap logos, why don’t you just put a vague little smudge on the front of the cap that may or may not be a logo?

BTW, I like this Prospects insert set design even more than the base set.

These International Ink inserts are… interesting…
2016 Bowman International Ink Juan Soto

The card design itself is fine, but there is just WAY too much going on in the photo… Street clothes, team jersey, Bowman cap and THEN all of the logos in the background.  It’s like he’s a tourist taking a selfie in Times Square.

First card in the second pack is Matt Harvey!
2016 Bowman Matt Harvey
Got both of my teams covered, can’t kick about that.

HAH!  Yasiel Puig!  Quick, get Trayce Thompson’s face, we’ll stick it on here…
2016 Bowman Yasiel Puig

Please tell me that a pitcher named “Blewett” isn’t a closer.
2016 Bowman Chrome Scott Blewett

Nope, he’s a starter.  Baseball America named him the Royals’ #9 prospect going into this season, just in front of Shlabotnik favorite Cheslor Cuthbert.

I didn’t get any inserts in the second pack, unless there’s a variation I’m not aware of.

Moving on to the bonus yellow parallels, here’s one of Rowdy Tellez… Maybe not the best prospect of the three I got, but certainly the best name.
2016 Bowman Yellow Rowdy Tellez
“Rowdy, I thinks yer yeller!”  (He says in his best Western movie voice, along with “What in the wide, wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here?”)

I’m not much of a parallel guy, but this has some potential… I don’t care for the yellow, but other colors might be nice.

To wrap up this post, we’ll come back to the lack of foil of 2016 Bowman.  The last time Bowman was foil-free was… Drum roll please…

1993 Bowman Butch Huskey
So long ago the Mets were wearing their “racing stripe” uniforms in a non-throwback-y way.

…So long ago that the Angels were from “California”.

…So long ago that the Marlins used teal as their primary color.

…So long ago that Derek Jeter was a prospect.

…So long ago that Bowman was still a single 700+ card set instead of a series of releases where the veterans are a legally-necessary afterthought.

Damn, that’s a long time ago.


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