Pack Animal: 1987 Topps Coins

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I bought a ziploc bag of 1987 Topps Coins, and how it also included an unopened pack.
1987 Topps Coins pack

Of course, there’s no reason to open a 29-year-old pack and not make a blogging event out of it. Add to that the fact that I’m not quite old enough to have pulled coins out of packs of cards (1964, 1971) and I completely ignored the run of coins sold on their own (1987 – 1990), so this is uncharted territory for me.

In fact, I was so much in the dark about these coins (I previously only owned one from 1971) that I didn’t realize that the design on these 1987 coins is almost the same as the original 1964 coins.

OK, so I carefully cut open the end of the pack – careful, because I didn’t want to even breathe in 29-year-old gum dust – and slid the first coin out of the wrapper.
1987 Topps Coin With Gum
As the wrapper says, each pack comes with three coins and three pieces of gum, so all three looked like this coming out of the wrapper.

After ditching the gum in a nearby receptacle and wiping down the coin with a damp paper towel, I found I had a Mike Schmidt coin.
1987 Topps Coins Mike Schmidt
I was a little disappointed to find some damage to a coin from an unopened pack… See the little chip in the shininess down at the bottom?  Oh, well… It’s not like I’m going to put my non-existent kids through college with these anyway.

Second little pocket featured Mike Scott.
1987 Topps Coins Mike Scott

And the final one has Keith Hernandez and his mustache.
1987 Topps Coins Keith Hernandez

So, not too shabby a return on little money spent, plus I can now say I have opened a pack of Topps Coins. Yay.


7 thoughts on “Pack Animal: 1987 Topps Coins

  1. It looks like the coin damage lines up perfectly with the gum piece on the Mike Schmidt coin. DIdn’t realize that gum was so corrosive!

  2. That’s a nice assortment of players. Mike Scott’s pennant clinching No Hitter is an awesome memory. I still have the recording I made on a VCR tape.

  3. Awesome you got a Keith! I’m writing a sci-fi novel in which a slab of 1960’s Topps baseball card gum, trapped in it’s wrapper next to a over irradiated nuclear plant for 50 years, mutates into a giant blob like gum creature who seeks out and destroys all things made of wax.

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