“Are We Not Stars?” Doubleheader

I’ve got two “prospect” cards I pulled from a repack a while ago, and I wanted to give them the “Are we not stars?  We are rookies.” treatment.

The first one is a 1988 Fleer “Major League Prospects” card of two Gregs:  Greg Myers and Greg Tabor.  Greg Myers was a catcher who had an 18 year career playing with the Jays, Angels, Twins, Braves, Padres, Braves, Orioles and A’s.  Myers was the last person to strike out against Nolan Ryan, doing so on 9/17/93 while with the Angels.  I should mention that this was not Ryan’s last game;  in Ryan’s final game he gave up a single, three walks and a homer without getting anyone out.
1988 Fleer Myers Tabor
Greg Tabor was a second baseman who was the 10th overall selection in the January 1981 draft.. it’s important to point out the month, since there hasn’t been a January draft in years.  Tabor was one of the five players in that first round (out of 26 overall) who made it to the Majors, and the best of the 5 was easily the Mets’ Randy Milligan (who went #3).

Tabor played in 9 games with the Rangers, all in 1987. He played for the AAA Iowa Cubs in 1988 (the year this card was issued), but that would be his last season in pro ball.  As far as I can tell, this is the only Major League card of Tabor.

Here’s an interesting fact about him; in his career he had one hit and no walks, yet he scored 4 runs. This is because he was used as a pinch runner 5 times.

The second card is one I needed this card for my passively-being-completed 1992 Topps set. I’d never heard of Tom McKinnon, but he looks sad in this picture, so I decided to give him some attention.
1992 Topps Tom McKinnon
He was the Cardinals’ supplemental 1st round pick (28th overall) in 1991, picked just after Scott Stahoviak. He started his pro career as a pitcher, and while he didn’t give up a lot of hits, he gave up a lot of walks. In 15.2 innings pitched, he gave up 11 hits and 25 walks. Yikes.

In 1992, he was converted to a position player, but it didn’t get him above A ball.

Quick note about the photo… That looks like a Long Beach State cap he’s wearing, but he never went to Long Beach State.  He went to high school in Long Beach, but went pro without going to college.

Shlabot-Notes:  As you may have heard, the Topps Now card for Bartolo Colon’s first home run has demolished the previously highest print run. I had not been surprised that a no-hitter, specifically Jake Arrieta’s, was the prior top print run with 1,808 cards printed. Colon blew past that with a print run of 8,826. Yow.

One side effect of this is that the large press run is getting national coverage, so more people are becoming aware of Topps Now. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if/when Clayton Kershaw throws a no-no, Ichiro gets his 3000th hit or – Heaven help us all – a Yankee does something newsworthy.

…And as long as I’m throwing print runs out there, the lowest print run so far is 217 for card #52, Stephen Piscotty & Matt Holliday (“Piscotty ties it, Holliday wins it with singles in the 9th”) .


8 thoughts on ““Are We Not Stars?” Doubleheader

  1. I noticed that crazy print run on Colon’s Topps Now HR card, and I confess to purchasing one of the 8,000+ copies myself. I’ve always enjoyed watching Bartolo play and it was just too good a card to pass up. Once I saw the print run though I kinda kicked myself for not waiting and getting one later on the secondary market. Topps Now is a genius little scheme…

    • I might buy one if it ends up on COMC at a semi-reasonable price. I just hate spending $10 on this as opposed to one of my vintage wants.

      I might be sucked in if Topps allows us to spend, let’s say, $20 for 4-5 cards of my choice.

  2. I wonder if McKinnon had perhaps committed to Long Beach State before going pro? Otherwise, judging by his plain white t, maybe he absent-mindedly forgot all of his baseball gear on picture day and just grabbed the first baseball-ish clothes in sight.

  3. Oh man if this Topps Now catches fire and the general public starts chasing down singles… those shorter prints might actually end up being worth something. Well… until the card market crashes again.

  4. Agreed. I got swept up in the moment and ordered 5 (the deal helped ease the pain-all are spoken for) but I really don’t want to support this at the current price. I passed on the Thor in protest, and that was difficult to do cause I luvs my Mets cards.
    These should be priced at around 3/4 bucks max. And even that is pushing it, IMO. Your idea might be better. If people continue to buy them, that price will never come down. I doubt Topps will go, HEY, these are selling well! Let’s make them cheap!

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