Shlabotnik Quality Assortment For May 27

In true “Shlabotnik Quality Assortment” style, today’s four cards are largely arbitrarily selected.

I’m too early for Canada Day (July 1st) but it’s never too early for an awesome 1963 Post CFL card:
1963 Post CFL Leo Lewis
Before I found this card I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Post CFL cards… Just goes to show it pays to broaden one’s search every now and again.

Leo Lewis was named one of the All-Time Top 50 Canadian Football League players, and former Vikings and Winnipeg Blue Bombers coach Bud Grant once said that Lewis was the greatest player he’d coached in either league.  His 8,861 career yards stood as a team record for over 40 years.  Lewis won four Grey Cups (CFL Championships) with Winnipeg, is a member of the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame, the Blue Bombers HOF and the Manitoba HOF.

I scanned and uploaded this Ichiro card several years ago, and ever since then it’s been an image in search of a post. I got tired of looking at it in my “Unused images” draft, so here it is.

I love this card, but could never think of anything to say about it that would match the card itself, so feel free to add your own comment.

1981 Donruss was very much a slapdash “We just need to get this out on the shelves” kind of set, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t nice cards in the set.  I particularly like this one:
1981 Donruss Luis Tiant
Nice 81D cards may be few and far between, and they might bring to mind certain sayings about blind squirrels, but they do exist.

…And finally…

I felt like I needed a fourth card for this post, and there was this Roberto Clemente image just floating around, so…

1968 Topps Game Roberto Clemente

Off the top of my head, I think this is one of just four vintage Clemente cards I own… and only one of them (1973) is a traditional base card.  The remaining two are 1964 Topps “Giant” and 1972 Topps “In Action”.

Confessions, Part 1:  I have never seen “Top Gun”.  (Full disclosure:  I am an American male who was 20 years old when it was released 30 years ago.  In other words, I have no excuse).


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