Archives Challenge Weekend: 1979 Topps And Other Customs

Topps Archives is out this coming week, which means that it will be the 9th product this year that we can all agree is better than Topps flagship. It also means that I’ll make a trip to Target every day or two until I find some packs.  (“Holy crap, I’m out of… um… plastic forks!  Yeah!  Need ‘em real bad”)

This year’s Archives set is primarily based on Topps designs from 1953, 1979 and 1991, and the checklist has been released… which means I also have one last opportunity to attempt to out-do Topps with my own TSRchives customs.

I thought it would be fun to pick current players from the checklist (at least two for each design), make my own customs using my homemade – excuse me, *artisan* – templates, put them out here and later on, once Archives comes out, see whether a self-taught amateur with 10-year-old software can out-Archive the people who do this for a living.

By the way, I’ve done two similar posts before (here and here), but they were done before Topps published the 2016 Archives checklist. I thought it would be fun to challenge them head-on, card by card.

OK, disclaimer time for the short attention span people who didn’t read the lead-in…



And on with the show…

David Ortiz is card 79T-2 in my TSRchives set, but he’s #125 in 2016 Topps Archives.
2016 TSRchives 79T-2 David Ortiz

By the way, I tried to select photos which I felt were at least somewhat 1979-like.

Also by the way, the 1979 design is used for cards #101 – 200 in 2016 Topps Archives.

Felix Hernandez is 79T-5 in my set, #145 in 2016 Topps Archives.
2016 TSRchives 79T-5 Felix Hernandez

I stand by my comments in the earlier posts that 1979 Topps is one of the easiest Topps sets to replicate, and I will be merciless with Topps if they screw it up.

Jay Bruce is 79T-4 in my set, #121 in 2016 Topps Archives.
2016 TSRchives 79T-4 Jay Bruce

I will be back tomorrow with some 1991 Customs;  The 1991 design is used for cards #201 – 300 in 2016 Topps Archives.  I’ll wrap it up with 1953 on Monday.

By the way, I haven’t actually made the customs for the next two posts yet, so if you are one of the three people reading this on a holiday weekend and want me to tackle a particular card, let me know and I’ll do what I can… but please, keep it to current players who are on the checklist, and using the design listed on the checklist (But if you ask nicely and if I have time, I might fulfill your request anyway).

Bonus custom #1:

As it turns out, one of the cards I did for a previous post corresponds to the actual Topps checklist, so I’ll include it here and point out that this is not a new custom:

2016 TSR 79T Max Kepler
Kepler is #105 in 2016 Topps Archives. Obviously, their card will have a “Rookie Card” logo on it.

Bonus custom #2:

The Mets are celebrating a “1986 Weekend” to honor the 1986 World Champion Mets, and I thought it appropriate to add 1986 Topps customs to my weekend of Archives customs.

So even though I don’t believe there are any 1986 cards in 2016 Topps Archives, here’s a card of Curtis Granderson as he trots around the bases after his walk-off homer against the Dodgers last night.

2016 TSRchives 86T-4 Curtis Granderson

Granderson gets uni-points for making an effort to align his jersey stripes with his pants’ stripes, as well as going high-cuffed (although it would obviously be better with stirrups rather than solid blue socks).


7 thoughts on “Archives Challenge Weekend: 1979 Topps And Other Customs

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  2. Archives has been my favorite product for the past few years. I’m absolutely addicted to their Fan Favorite on-card autographs. Can’t wait to see who’s on this year’s checklist.

    • If you look between the OPC wrapper and the first bonus card, I’ve provided a link to the actual Topps checklist, you can see for yourself who’s signed for this year’s set. There are quite a few I wouldn’t mind pulling.

      • Oops, I had the wrong post in mind. There are two links to the checklist in this post, one near the top and the other between the Jay Bruce custom and the Max Kepler.

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