2016 TSR:  Series 2, And All That Entails

For a custom set, having cards come out in series doesn’t mean a whole lot on the face of things…  In reality, it just means I tweak the wrapper and introduce some new subsets and/or inserts.

As I’ve mentioned before, my TSR custom sets are not just custom cards to me… This is something of a declaration of what I want a card set to be…. and I want there to be at least four smaller series to keep things moving throughout the year.

…Not that everything I do is meant to be a blueprint for a set… a lot of it is just me having fun with the concept.

Anyway… (And if I ever start a new blog, I should just call it “Anyway..”) let’s get on with the virtual pack.

2016 TSR wrapper Series Two

Although this past week wasn’t a hard week for me, it was an exhausting week… and when I’m looking for players to feature on cards but don’t have the energy to be creative about it, I’ll look at league leaders to see who’s up around the top.

So any guesses as to who’s leading the Majors with 20 home runs?  Todd Frazier?  Chris Carter?  Yoenis Cespedes?  Nolan Arenado?

Anybody who said “Mark Trumbo” goes to the head of the class.

2016 TSR #161 - Mark Trumbo

Bonus points if you knew he’s with the Orioles this year.

The Orioles traded for Trumbo just in case they didn’t resign Chris Davis, and now Trumbo has more homers than Davis.  His batting average and on-base percentage are also higher than he’s had in any previous year, it’ll be interesting to see if he can keep it up.  The Orioles offense is generally all about the long ball (they have the most of any team), so all of Baltimore is hoping he can maintain this pace.

If you hadn’t noticed on the wrapper, Series Two introduces a ‘mini’ insert set… and everybody loves minis, right?  I won’t keep you in suspense, here’s the first one now.

2016 TSR mini #1 - Ichiro

…And in writing this post I instantly find out the problem with doing “minis” in a blog; even though the original image is smaller than the other customs, it all looks the same when it’s posted.  I tried to use the HTML settings to make the image smaller, but it also made it blurry.    This is something I clearly have to work with.  (*sigh*) First World problems…

Moving on, let’s get to another league leader… the American League ERA leader.  Chris Sale?  Felix Hernandez?  Nope,

2016 TSR #162 - Steven Wright

Wright’s got a 2.09 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP (12th in the AL) to go with it.  Actually, the entire AL Top Five in ERA is a bit unexpected;  Wright, Danny Salazar, Rich Hill, Marco Estrada and Jose Quintana… THEN you get to Felix Hernandez and Chris Sale.

As many of you know, Steven Wright is a knuckleballer, so there’s no telling how consistent his results are going to be… But I love the knuckleball, so I’m hoping for nothing but good things for Wright (when he’s not pitching against the Orioles).

Moving on from league leaders… who was the National League Rookie of the Month for May?  Why, it’s the Mets’ Matz!

2016 TSR #134 - Steven Matz

In five games during May, Matz went 4-0 with a 1.83 ERA, 31 strikeouts and 4 walks.

I was also going to post a card for the Rangers’ Nomar Mazara, given that he’s the AL Rookie of the Month for April AND May… But I forgot he was in Series One.

Another mini?  Sure, why not.

2016 TSR mini #2 - Greinke

Getting back to the leaders and players-of-the-whatever… well, Johnny Cueto isn’t either.
2016 TSR #165 - Johnny Cueto
The only major category Cueto leads the Majors in is a 4-way tie for Complete Games (3), but he’s in the Top 10 in the Majors in wins, ERA, WHIP and Shutouts.  More importantly, I liked this picture and figured you’d want to see him whip his hair back and forth, whip his hair back and forth (how’s that for current references?)

OK, we’ll wrap up with a new TSRchives insert.  The Tigers and White Sox played a Negro Leagues Tribute Game recently, and since the uniforms worn date back to the 1920’s (I believe) and since I try to match up the card style with the throwback uniform, I ended up going with a 1922 American Caramel design…

2016 TSRchives 22AC-1a Ian Kinsler

…which is one of the easier customs I’ve made.  I should point out that the originals didn’t have color photographs, but I didn’t want to make it authentic at the cost of color, so that’s the end of that.

So that’s the end of this pack;  maybe by next weekend I’ll have figured out the mini dilemma.  Or not.





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