It’s The OTHER Marvell Wynne!

Back when I was a kid, there was a regional chain of discount department stores called Korvettes.  At some point they tried to play against their low-end reputation and position themselves as a fashion destination by advertising “The Other Korvettes”.

The commercials were unbelievably cheesy… but I don’t have to tell you, you can see for yourself:

I remember mocking these commercials as a kid… and how can you not love the “TV  Games department” featuring Pong?

Which is a long way around to today’s subject… For me, “Marvell Wynne” meant the speedy outfielder of the 1980’s who spent time in the Mets’ farm system, and would play for the Pirates, Padres and Cubs…. This guy:
1985 Fleer Marvell Wynne

I was never a Marvell Wynne super-collector, but I like him enough as a player to pick up his cards whenever I come across them.

A little over a year ago I found out about the OTHER Marvell Wynne… Turns out that “Baseball Marvell” has a son also named Marvell who is in his 12th season playing soccer professionally… and he, as I discovered to my delight, has soccer cards!

So naturally, I had to go out and get a few. Here are the beginnings of my Marvell Wynne soccer collection.

This first card seems to be Soccer Marvell’s rookie card;  it’s a 2006 Upper Deck MLS card.
2006 Upper Deck MLS Marvell Wynne
He was taken first overall in the 2006 MLS “SuperDraft” by the MetroStars team that was about to rebrand as the New York Red Bulls.

After one game with the Red Bulls in 2007, Marvell was off to Toronto FC.  As his MLS bio is unhelpful and there’s no such website as “”, I have to rely on Wikipedia, which says he was traded to Toronto for a draft pick and “a partial allocation”.  No idea what the latter part means.

His 2007 Upper Deck card shows him with Toronto…
2007 Upper Deck MLS Marvell Wynne
…But makes no mention of how he got there…  So we’ll have to take Wikipedia at their word (something I don’t usually like to do without corroboration).

For the 2010 season, Marvell found himself in Denver playing for the Colorado Rapids, and they would win the MLS championship in his first year.

This next card is a 2014 Topps MLS card, and appears to be his most recent card.
2014 Topps MLS Marvell Wynne

After the 2014 season, Colorado declined Wynne’s contract option, and he was selected in the MLS re-entry draft. He was selected the San Jose Earthquakes and is currently in his second season with that team.

San Jose? Hmm, who do we know in San Jose? Seems like somebody needs to go check him out…

So my soccer collection is growing by leaps and bounds… relatively speaking, anyway. 30 cards now, plus 33 stickers. That being said, I promise to spare you from more of my soccer collection for a while.


Over the weekend we got a new lowest print run for Topps Now!

Card #141 for Edwin Encarnacion’s walk-off homer against the Orioles sold only 207 cards, getting Evan Gattis off the hook for having the prior lowest print run (212).

3 thoughts on “It’s The OTHER Marvell Wynne!

  1. Marvell Wynne was always one of my favorites as a kid, mostly because I thought his name was fun to say. Obviously there’s some strong athletic genes in the Wynne family!

  2. Hah that is awesome! I know I’m in the minority but I always enjoy reading your soccer posts, and this one was no exception.

  3. Marvell Wynne is a great name. Kinda reminds me of Marvelous Win and that’s good, right? I seem to recall my father’s first credit card being from Korvette’s. I don’t recall the slogan though.

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