Show And Tell For June 15, 2016

Time’s been a bit tight lately, so I figured I’d keep it simple, feature a few cards I got and explain why I got them… just a little show & tell session.  …And really, isn’t that what most collectibles blogs are?  A technological update of the elementary school standard.

What I got: 1962 Topps Carl Willey
1962 Topps Carl Willey
Why I got it: I looked at it because it’s cheap vintage, I walked away with it because of Willey’s smile. If Willey had been born a couple of decades later, he’d be an orthodontists’ boat payment. But because of when he was born, he’s got a smile with character.

…Also, Carl Willey pitched for the Mets from 1963 to 1965.

Interesting stuff about Carl Willey:  He lead the NL with four shutouts in his rookie season of 1958.  He also had four shutouts with the 1963 Mets, a team that lost 111 games.

What I got: 1985 Topps Rack Pack Glossy Dave Winfield
1985 Topps Rack Pack Glossy Dave Winfield
Why I got it: a) Nickel box!  b) it’s junk wax now, but it was cool in 1985;   c) I’ve been a baseball fan through most of Winfield’s career, but I swear I appreciate him more now than when he was active.

What I got: 2012 Topps Archives “1968 3D” insert of Nelson Cruz
2012 Topps Archives 1968 3D Nelson Cruz
Why I got it: 3-D! Do I need more than that?

What I got: 2014 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects “Bowman Is Back” Silver Diamond refractor of Michael Conforto.
2014 Bowman DP&P 1989 Silver Diamond Refractor Michael Conforto
Why I got it: I’m not normally much for shiny, but Shane over at Shoebox Legends included a couple of these in PWE’s, and I got hooked. Plus I like Conforto.

What I got: 1965 Topps Bob Tiefenauer
1965 Topps Bob Tiefenauer
Why I got it: This one’s got a bit of a story. I pulled a buyback version of this card a while ago, and I didn’t know what to do with it. I don’t do buybacks, so in some ways a buyback card is a damaged card… but it was also a card I didn’t already have… but as a buyback I knew that someone would appreciate more than I did. I eventually found a better home for the buyback, and then figured that if I didn’t buy a non-bought-back version of the card, I’d mistakenly remember having it and I’d get all screwed up.

Besides, it’s a 1965 card, and it’s got a great cartoon.
1965 Topps Bob Tiefenauer back
Interesting stuff about Bobby Tiefenauer:  He was a knuckleballer who pitched professionally for 21 seasons, including 10 in the majors with the Cardinals, Indians, Milwaukee Braves, Houston Colt .45’s, Yankees and Cubs.  He was traded 7 times and purchased 3 times, pitched in 697 games at the AAA level and is in the International League Hall Of Fame.

That’s it for show and tell, boys and girls, time for a nap. Everybody get your blankets out.


One thought on “Show And Tell For June 15, 2016

  1. Nice cards, but my favorite part of the post is the line that blogs are “A technological update of the elementary school standard” in terms of show and tell. So true!

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