2016 TSR: Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Apologies to anyone who noticed my absence from the blogosphere for the past few days… We were “experiencing technical difficulties”, as they used to say in the TV biz, and I had too much going on otherwise to be able to work around the technical difficulties.

I did manage to find my way into cyberspace long enough to bust open a virtual pack of my TSR customs…

2016 TSR wrapper Series Two

James Loney looks a bit odd in a Mets uniform…
2016 TSR #162 - James Loney
…but he’s been playing pretty well since the Mets brought him in while Lucas Duda is on the DL.

In a previous pack I was talking about how the Phillies and Brewers threw back to 1976, but I couldn’t make 1976 customs of everyone I wanted because I only had the 1976 Topps “icons” for a RHP and an OF in my template. Well, I have managed to work a catcher in there… behold!
2016 TSRchives 76T-6 Jonathan Lucroy
Man, I love 1976.

Speaking of the Phillies, rookie Zach Eflin recently added another name to the list of “Pitchin’ Zachs/Zacks/Zacs”
2016 TSR #135 - Zach Eflin
Unfortunately for Eflin – and I have to constantly remind myself that his name is EF-LIN, not ELF-IN, this is not The Lord Of The Rings nor a Keebler cookie ad – he got whacked around in his debut. Eflin was originally a Padres draft pick, but before even sniffing the Majors he was involved in trades for Matt Kemp and Jimmy Rollins.

Last Minute Update #1: I made this custom without realizing that Jim over at The Phillies Room had used the same image for his Chachi custom… I normally avoid using the same image as other custom card makers but like I said, I’ve been MIA for a while.

Time for a first pitch insert…
2016 TSR FP-7 Ziggy Marley
I’ll admit, I don’t have much to say about Ziggy Marley. Five-time Grammy winner… New album, on tour… newborn son, happy Father’s Day to Ziggy!

TSR commemorates Ichiro’s recent double to give him more hits than Pete Rose, if you combine Ichiro’s hits in Japan’s NPB with his MLB hits. While it’s not a record, it is an impressive accomplishment.
2016 TSR #161 - Ichiro Hits Highlight
Even if you dismiss this achievement as meaningless piffle, you can’t take away from Ichiro that he’s rapidly closing in on 3000 Major League hits despite the fact that he was 27 years old as a MLB rookie.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Ichiro… I’d probably like him a lot more if he hadn’t spent three years with the Yankees (turns to spit on the ground) and this year and last with the Marlins (turns to spit on the ground again). I will say right here and now that I will be VERY upset if Ichiro doesn’t go into the HOF with a Mariners cap. Three non-all-star years with the Yankees should not affect anything, even if it is the Yankees.

Idle conjecture… I wonder how much merchandise the Marlins sell in Japan….

Another mini! Everbody wants minis!!  …Or so I’ve been told.
2016 TSR mini #3 - Machado

This insert was semi-inspired by a post on 83 Bats from two weeks ago:
2016 TSR PP-3 Stan Papi Big Papi
I’d had the idea a long time ago, the post made me spring into action.  For those unfamiliar with Stan Papi, he was an infielder who played in the 1970’s and early 1980’s and Red Sox fans still can’t believe that the Sox traded Bill “Spaceman” Lee straight up for Papi.

Last Minute Update #2:   I couldn’t resist adding a custom featuring the odd sight of Tim Lincecum pitching for the Angels.
2016 TSR #163 - Tim Lincecum
The Freak pitched well, giving up four hits and a run over 6 innings.

To all of the fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day!

10 thoughts on “2016 TSR: Experiencing Technical Difficulties

  1. Glad to hear you’re okay, we were getting worried about you!. Had no idea that James Loney was now a Met. Lincecum as an Angel looks weird. Love seeing the old Brewer unis, but just not a fan of the yellow field behind the bear paw fielders glove on Milwaukee’s retro caps (I’ll take the solid blue version, personally). And the Pointless Pairings card made me laugh. Outstanding job as usual, my friend, just awesome!

  2. Your Pointless Pairings card is probably my new favorite concept on a custom. It’s sad too, that it actually makes more sense than a lot of the Topps “Then and Now” cards.

  3. Love Ichiro but Pete did it all in MLB. Plus he has over 80 postseason hits and 7 or 8 hits in the all star game. If we’re counting hits from another country then include those 80+ hits from a situation when the stakes were the highest.

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