Contrast And Compare: 1977 Bill Madlock and Darrell Porter

Hello, and welcome back to “Contrast And Compare”, where we take a look at distinct cards of the same player from different but related sets!

…Because I couldn’t think of another way of starting this post without channeling a TV announcer…

Today we’re going to compare two pair of cards from 1977 Topps and 1977 O-Pee-Chee.  In each of the following, I’ll show the Topps card first, followed by the updated OPC.

Four-time batting champion Bill “Mad Dog” Madlock was drafted by the Rangers and traded to the Cubs after the 1973 season as part of the Fergie Jenkins deal.
1977 Topps Bill Madlock

In February, 1977, Madlock was traded to the Giants in a deal that also involved Bobby Murcer. Presumably because of the short notice, the airbrush artist did not do a particularly great job on Madlock.
1977 OPC Bill Madlock

Darrell Porter was drafted by the Brewers and made the All-Star team in 1974.
1977 Topps Darrell Porter

In December, 1976 he was part of a five-player trade between the Brewers and Royals. This is a far better airbrushing job than Madlock got.
1977 OPC Darrell Porter
Porter would play four years with the Royals before crossing the state to join the Cardinals as a free agent. While with the Royals, he’d be an All-Star three straight years… he would never make the all-star team again, although he would be the MVP of the 1982 NLCS and World Series.


2 thoughts on “Contrast And Compare: 1977 Bill Madlock and Darrell Porter

  1. Always happy to see a Darrell Porter card: he was, and always will be, my favorite player ever, rest in peace, DP. His airbrushing does leave something to be desired, but at least it’s way better than Matlock’s. Bill’s card looks absolutely horrendous. Why in the hell didn’t Topps just spend a few extra bucks and hire airbrushers with considerably better talent? At least 90% of all the 1970’s-era Topps cards that feature airbrushing absolutely look terrible, and Topps should have been ashamed to have put out such shoddy work.

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