Sorry, I Got Distracted (With Good Reason)

I don’t have anything remotely ready for today, and I have just a few minutes… but I still want to post.  What to do?  What to do?

The solution was to dig up some images from my “General Cards” folder (and if you used to watch “How I Met Your Mother”, this is where you salute and say “General Cards”) and make a few comments.

The “very good reason” for my half-arsed post is because I got a package from COMC when I  got home from work yesterday, and I spent all of my “hobby time” going through it.  I know you understand.

So I understand that 2016 Stadium Club is out, or about to be out.  I don’t have any, but here’s a reasonable substitution:
1997 Fleer Kirby Puckett
When I saw the previews from Stadium Club, I instantly thought “1997 Fleer”… Or maybe “1997 Fleer Tiffany”, since Stadium Club is glossy.  No matter, I’m still looking forward to Stadium Club, whenever some packs make their way to Shlabotsylvania.

It’s interesting how Panini being Topps’ sole competition has altered my thinking.  I look at this scan of a 2004 Studio card, and what do I think?
2004 Studio Ernie Banks
“This could’ve made for a nice unlicensed card”.  Damn you, MLB Media! (Or whoever it was who decided to give Topps an exclusive license)

Does anybody miss the “Disney Era” of Angels uniforms?
2001 MLB Showdown Darin Erstad
There are some decent ideas in there, but overall it’s too…. “Disney”.  BTW, this is is a 2001 MLB Showdown game card.

Speaking of “decent ideas”, I still think that a “1952-1956 sized” set combining a portrait with a game shot, like this 1988 Topps Big Baseball card, is a pretty decent idea.
1988 Big Baseball Jim Rice
…But a lot depends on the design, and none of the three “Big” sets really grabbed me…. and “Big” wasn’t the most appealing name either.

So do you like 1997 Fleer?  2016 Stadium Club?  Disney Angels uniforms?  Topps Big?  You know what to do.


5 thoughts on “Sorry, I Got Distracted (With Good Reason)

  1. Just looked up some images of ’16 Stadium Club and you’re right on with your Fleer comparison. The Mike Trout card from the set looks awesome, gonna have to track that one down!

  2. 1997 Fleer – Always thought these would be really sweet to get autographed, because of the card stock. But the design in general is average at best. Grade: C

    2004 Studio – My ideal card will always have an action shot… but I accept the fact that portraits are a part of this hobby. With that being said, Donruss did a good job utilizing the cityscapes behind the player. Grade: B

    2001 MLB Showdown – Never played the game. Never will. However… I enjoy the shiny parallels, so I’ll give this two grades. Regular Card Grade: D Shiny Parallel Card Grade: B

    Disney Angels Uniforms – Not a fan. I’m all about the ones Rod Carew, Doug DeCinces, and Bobby Grich wore. Grade: D

    2016 Stadium Club – Haven’t seen it. But as long as they keep the tradition of amazing photography, I’ll enjoy it.

  3. I like that Studio Banks. Don’t remember that set at all, it came out before I was looking at cards again but I may track down a few.

    Topps Big sucked. Pardon my language but I hated those things.

    I like the ’97 Fleer and the ’16 SC but I don’t see much to separate it from the ’15 SC which I am slooooowly putting together.

    Those ‘Disney’ Cal Angels duds? No bueno.

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