Maybe We DO Need Another Unlicensed Company

I just got a couple of baseball cards from a company I’d not heard of until a month or two ago.

Onyx Authenticated got their start selling game-used and/or autographed memorabilia for minor league prospects, but they began producing small sets of baseball cards in 2012. Because they don’t have a license with Major League Baseball, the cards are logo and background-free… although interestingly, they don’t make any attempt to hide team colors like Panini does.

Now that I have the cards in hand, I have to say that they’re pretty nice for unlicensed, prospect-y cards.

Here’s an overview of the two cards I got, both Orioles-related:

2012 Onyx Platinum Prospects Dylan Bundy
2012 Onyx Platinum Prospects Dylan Bundy
Bundy was a #4 overall draft pick and a top prospect.  He’s currently working out of the Orioles bullpen.
2012 Onyx Platinum Prospects Dylan Bundy back
As you can see, the card is numbered to 500. What you can’t see is that the card stock on this card is pretty thick… Not “relic card” thick, but still thicker than many recent cards.

2015 Onyx Platinum Black Super Break Hunter Harvey
2015 Onyx Platinum Black Super Break Hunter Harvey
Hunter Harvey is another Orioles first round draft pick, but has not pitched since 2014 due to a series of injuries.  He’s also the son of former Angel & Marlin Bryan Harvey.

The back is largely identical to the front, but I include it because I want to point out a tiny little error…
2015 Onyx Platinum Black Super Break Hunter Harvey back
The type is small, so I’ll transcribe it for you: “You have just received an authentic Onyx Authenticated Platinum Black 2014 Limited Edition Luis Severino premium autographed trading card.” Autographed? Luis Severino? I looked out at the other Hunter Harvey cards on COMC and they all say this.

The card stock for this one isn’t thick like the 2012, it’s more like current Topps or Bowman, but maybe a shade more bendable.  That’s OK, it’s still nicer than many of the “pre-rookie” cards I have from companies like TRISTAR.

Both of my purchases were base cards, but an article I read about Onyx pointed out that their autographs are always on-card.

I don’t know how inclined I’d be to chase these down for my team sets, but they seem like a nice option for player collectors and prospectors. I don’t think anyone at Onyx would argue with that description.

I’m going to keep an eye out to see if there are any players for whom I might want to chase down an auto.

Do any of you have some Onyx cards? How do you feel about them?


2 thoughts on “Maybe We DO Need Another Unlicensed Company

  1. I have just a couple from Onyx, I believe promos that were printed up for the National that I got in trade. I agree, they do a good job lack of license considered. I actually think Panini does a better job than a lot of people give them credit for also. Maybe one day we’ll get to see another company have a chance to make Topps sweat a little.

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