2016 TSR: All-Star Break

This isn’t about the All-Star break… It’s me taking an All-Star break.

I sat down yesterday to make some customs for today’s post, and I just didn’t have the proper enthusiasm. The only one I made this weekend was this Evan Gattis that sums up how I’m feeling right now.
2016 TSR #168 - Evan Gattis
To be fair, Gattis was just waiting his turn at batting practice, but me, I’m content to largely sit this one out and coast by on customs that were already in my “finished” folder.

Gymnast Simone Biles made a memorable first pitch at the July 4th Astros game. She did a flip, kind of like a hands-free cartwheel, as part of her “windup”. Embedded videos seem to cause problems for me, so you’ll have to settle for a link to the MLB Channel on YouTube.  As an added treat, while Simone is being interviewed you get to see Luis Valbuena bunting against the shift for a base hit.
2016 TSR CFP-8 Simone Biles
For those who didn’t click the link, I should point out that she also got the ball over the plate.

My “mini” cards haven’t turned out quite like what I had in mind, so these next two are probably the last you’ll see of this particular “insert”.
2016 TSR mini #4 - Tanaka

2016 TSR mini #5 - Wong

…And I’ll wrap it up with a TSRchives card from a recent Phillies/Brewers throwback game.

2016 TSRchives 76T-5 Carlos Ruiz

I’ll be back next weekend, and I’m sure that the All-Star break and all of the associated festivities will give me inspiration… Although I would’ve been a lot more inspired if they’d let Madison Bumgarner participate in the Home Run Derby.

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