The First Of Their Kind In My Collection

In my latest COMC order, there were several cards I got mainly because I wanted cards from a particular set and didn’t yet have any.

Actually, the first one I’m sharing is for a card that’s from a country that isn’t represented in my collection – South Korea. This card is from the “2015 Ntreev Soft KBO Super Star Baseball Cards Korea Season 2” set… At least that’s how COMC describes it.
2015 Ntreev Soft KBO Season Two Shin-Yung Song
COMC also tells me that this pitcher is Shin-Yung Song. Baseball Reference tells me his name is Sin-Young Song…. Probably just differences in the… what would you call that? Transliteration?

Here’s the back.
2015 Ntreev Soft KBO Season Two Shin-Yung Song back
Song is depicted with the Nexen Heroes on this card; it appears he’s with the Hanwha Eagles this year, he’s a reliever, he’s 39 and he’s been active in the KBO since 2001. Looks to be a steady but not outstanding player, but I guess that when you spend 38 cents on a Korean baseball card, you’re not going to get “outstanding”.

Next up we’ve got a card from a lovely early 1970’s oddball set, the 1971 Milk Duds set. This was one of those “How do I not have anything from this set?” acquisitions.  You can’t tell from this scan, but this card is a little smaller than standard size.
1971 Milk Duds Fritz Peterson
Ideally I would’ve gotten a Met, but Bud Harrelson is sold out on COMC and Tom Seaver is well outside of my budget, so I got Fritz Peterson, a pitcher who’s become one of my favorite all-time Yankees (again, keep in mind, I’m a Mets fan).

Had there been Sabermetrics at the time, people might’ve noticed that Peterson lead the A.L. in WHIP and Strikeout/walk ratio in 1969 and 1970, plus he lead the league in Walks Per Nine Innings from 1968 to 1972.

The original Fritz Peterson stat that caught my attention four years ago: He has the lowest all-time ERA in the original Yankee Stadium… Lower than Whitey, Lefty or Red.

Moving on to the last card, this design will look familiar to fans of my off-season custom cards…
1965 Topps CFL George Dixon
Yep, I finally got a 1965 Topps Canadian Football League card, and it’s the same card that originally got my attention.  I just love this card design, it’s colorful and simple, but appealing.

George Dixon was one of the greatest CFL players ever.  He’s in the CFL Hall of Fame, his #28 was retired by the Montreal Alouettes, and won the “Most Outstanding Player” award in 1962 (referred to as the “Schenley Award” on his card back).  During that 1962 season, he ran for 1520 yards and once scored 3 touchdowns in 5 minutes.

1965 Topps CFL George Dixon back

Something you’ll never see in the NFL:  In 1963, Dixon ran for a 109-yard touchdown (remember, the Canadian Football field is 110 yards long).

Lately I’ve been shifting a fair amount of my collecting focus towards getting “samples” from different sets, just to have something from those sets.  I’m very excited to add these three to my collection, but with the exception of getting the two Milk Duds Mets, I’ve no plans to add to these sets… I’m just happy that there are three fewer reasons for me to ask “How is it I don’t have any of those?”



2 thoughts on “The First Of Their Kind In My Collection

  1. I have Orioles from the Milk Dud set. I know I have Dave Johnson for sure.

    Fritz Peterson was posting great stuff on Facebook. I’m sure he still does although I’m taking a social media vacation, maybe a permanent one. Anyway, if you do FB look him up. Lots of unusual pics of guys he played with and against and some great stories, too.

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