I Get All Of My Dinosaurs From COMC!

…Well, I get my 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs from COMC… because I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else.

Like a lot of kids, I was fascinated by dinosaurs… I’m not sure how many other kids were like me and wanted to be an archaeologist when they grew up, though.  So when I read the series of posts on Nachos Grande where he opened a box of 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs, I was excited.  I would’ve freaked out about this set if it came out when I was a kid.

I wanted some of my own… but could not find packs or boxes anywhere.  It didn’t get sold in retail stores.  I didn’t see it in the couple of hobby stores I went into.  I even tried a science museum… Yes, a SCIENCE MUSEUM.  No luck at all.

Since I don’t feel the need to collect the whole set, I figured I’d get my fix by buying a couple of cards from COMC, and I focused on some of the dinosaurs I knew from childhood (as opposed to some of the one’s I’d not heard of like Spinophorosaurus or Compsognathus).

…Although even if I wasn’t familiar with Allosaurus, I would’ve gotten this card. This is easily my favorite of all the cards I’ve seen so far.
2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs Allosaurus

The back of the cards features the same image, with some write-up text.
2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs Allosaurus back

I also got the Stegosaurus card…
2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs Stegosaurus

…as well as the Ankylosaurus. All three of these are dinosaurs that I used to have as small, brightly-colored figures when I was a kid.
2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs Ankylosaurus

Because it’s a 21st century card set, there are short prints, sketch cards, minis, 3-D cards and other inserts, but right now all I have is these three base cards.

Does anyone else enjoy these cards? Has anyone found individual packs for sale anywhere, even if it was a card store?


5 thoughts on “I Get All Of My Dinosaurs From COMC!

  1. I love these cards! My wife got me 2 of the lunch boxes off amazon. Out of one lunchbox you get 2 packs, a wooden puzzle of a random dinosaur, a poster, and 2 dinosaur figures. Love the 3-d cards too!

  2. These are new to me. I wasn’t a dinosaur kid but I had friends who were. As I am branching out more and more into non-sports cards I find a lot of cool things out there.

  3. Upper Deck did a great job with this set. Love the simple… borderless design. I’ve never actually looked for pack, so I’m not sure if I’ve seen them or not. But I might try to find a set of this stuff on eBay.

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