Pack Animal: 2002 Topps Gallery (Hobby)

Earlier this year… or late last year?  …Sometime within the past 12 months or so I picked up a couple of Topps Gallery cards from COMC and vowed that I would acquire more of these cards.  I didn’t buy much at the time they came out because they were a little too pricey for me, but now I’m trying to seek out cheaper copies of the cards.

As it turns out, I was recently in a position to buy about 50 loose packs of a variety of sets, and among the packs I bought were a bunch of 2002 Topps Gallery at a price worked out to be about $1.50 a pack…. Not exactly a steal, but worth it to me, anyway.

Here’s a wrapper:
2002 Topps Gallery wrapper
…and for those of you unfamiliar with Topps Gallery from 2002 and 2003, the images on the cards are paintings rather than photos, so the general idea is to be more like the baseball cards of the 1950’s and before.  It appears that the biggest hits in this set are signatures, relics, variations (along the lines of background or uniform changes) as well as Gallery Heritage inserts which are painted versions of classic Topps cards.  As these packs have been out in the wild for 14 years, I’m not expecting any sort of relic or other inserts that a pack feeler could detect.

OK, enough background… Let’s check out the pack.

First card – Richard Hidalgo.
2002 Topps Gallery Richard Hidalgo
As common as this set probably gets… well, outside of the rookie cards of guys I don’t remember like Justin Backsmeyer, who never made it out of A-ball… But Hidalgo spent half of 2004 with the Mets (Short-term Met!), so it’s all good.

Adrian Beltre…My scanner tends to make images lighter than they are in real life, so this card looks better in the scan than it does in real life.
2002 Topps Gallery Adrian Beltre
On the original, the painting is printed dark enough that you can make out very little of Beltre’s face.

Tom Glavine… Now we’re talking. I like the paint “blops” in the crowd.
2002 Topps Gallery Tom Glavine

Mike Hampton, who will never live down the “I went to Colorado for the schools, not for the large wads of money the Rockies are throwing at me.”
2002 Topps Gallery Mike Hampton
Even though it’s not “traditional”, I really like the yellow and blue background.

Roger Clemens. BOOOOOOOOOO! A first-ballot “Hall of Disdain” guy.
2002 Topps Gallery Roger Clemens

For me, the good news: I got an Oriole! The bad news: It’s Ed Rogers.
2002 Topps Gallery Ed Rogers
…Not that I harbor ill will towards Ed Rogers, just that he only had a couple of cups of coffee in the Majors. But you gotta check out his stats for 2005: He appeared in 8 games and batted 1.000. On top of that his slugging percentage was 4.000. You may have guessed by now, but he hit a homer in his lone at-bat, a 2-run homer against the Yankees. Yay, Eddie! The Yankees won 11-3. Boo, Yankees!

And for those who aren’t familiar with this set, here’s the back of the Glavine card.
2002 Topps Gallery Tom Glavine back

Anyway, not the most inspiring pack, but I’ve got a bunch more packs of this to open, so if I pull anything of interest, I’ll toss it in a post somewhere along the line.


2 thoughts on “Pack Animal: 2002 Topps Gallery (Hobby)

  1. Interesting cards.

    Roger Clemens post Toronto stopover. Definite BOOOOOO. Whined his way out of town because the Jays were getting rid of veteran players (and starting to do better as a result) Brought the Return of Boomer, who ended up getting traded a couple year later for the walking injury known as Mike Sirotka.

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