2016 TSR: Sundry Sunday

…Because “Sundry Sunday” sounds a hell of a lot better than “I only made two new customs this week and the rest are customs I’ve been meaning to share for varying amounts of time”.

I just came up with “Sundry Sunday”, but I quite like it. Must keep this in mind…

Last night, Keegan-Michael Key threw out the first pitch at the Dodgers game. He’s been doing the talk show circuit to promote the new movie “Don’t Think Twice” – which I think I’ll have to check out because the cast features several people I like, plus it’s gotten good reviews.
2016 TSR CFP-10 Keegan-Michael Key
Key is possibly best known as half of Key & Peele… And I created another custom of Heisman winner Jammie Jammie-Jammie, one of my favorite players from Key & Peele’s East/West Collegiate Bowl.
2016 TSRchives 72TFB-3 Jammie Jammie-Jammie
For technical reasons I don’t do embedded videos, but you can check out the 2013 East West Collegiate Bowl here.

This TSRchives custom was built around the photo… it looked so much like a photo from 1973 Topps that I could not resist.
2016 TSRchives 73T-1 Michael Conforto
From left to right that’s Michael Conforto, Asdrubal Cabrera and David Wright…. Wright’s presence tells you that this was not a recent photo.

This next photo caught my eye because… OK, I’ll be honest, Morgan Pressel’s skirt caught my eye, because that’s what this skirt was designed to do. Anyway, I stumbled upon it shortly after making a “Faux Set” template for another post, so I figured “What the heck”.
2016 TSR Faux Set Morgan Pressel
I don’t follow golf at all, so all I can tell you about Morgan Pressel is that she’s an American, she’s currently ranked 30th in the world, and her career earnings are a lot higher than my career earnings.

Proof that Chris Sale is not opposed to throwbacks in general:
2016 TSRchives 22AC-2 Chris Sale

Wrapping up with an All-Star custom for Mark Melancon, who was recently traded to the Nationals, a move that left me disappointed and encouraged.
2016 TSR #353 - Mark Melancon All-Star
Disappointed: I like Melancon, and I’m not happy that he’s with the Nats now.

Encouraged: I’m starting to wonder if the Nationals front office is a little deficient on understanding the whole “managing people” thing. Last year, Drew Storen was their closer and they picked up Jonathan Papelbon, which did a number on Storen’s confidence and also brought in a guy who would have an (*ahem*) altercation with Face-Of-The-Franchise Bryce Harper. So this year, they’ve decided that changing their closer midseason worked out so well that they’re going to do it again.  Good luck with that, guys…. (and by “Good luck with that”, I really mean “Let’s Go Mets!”)

2 thoughts on “2016 TSR: Sundry Sunday

  1. The East/West Bowl bits are some of my favorite skits of all-time – SNL should be foaming at the mouth jealous. It’s too bad that show got the boot. However, a full set of those players would be absolute riot; you’re Jammie custom is sweet (well, all of them are)!

    • I got the impression they walked away rather then getting the boot, but either way the show will be missed.

      I wouldn’t do a full set, some of the jokes wouldn’t translate… But it does seem unfair that Jammie-Jammie gets a custom but Bismo Funyons does not.

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