Pack Animal: 2005 Topps Total (Hobby)

I wouldn’t be surprised if most of you have never opened a pack of Topps Total, so that’s why I figured I’d bust one here.
2005 Topps Total Hobby pack
Let’s see which players are still active 11 years later.

Ugh. The first card is a Yankee.
2005 Topps Total Kevin Brown
On the plus side, it’s 40-year-old Kevin Brown who’d have a 6.50 in his final season.

Vernon Wells. I do not miss those 2004-2011 “Black Jays” uniforms. Bleah.
2005 Topps Total Vernon Wells
What they’re wearing now is what they should always wear, it *is* the Blue Jays, like it or not.

Paul Wilson, wearing the uniform the Reds threw back to the other day.
2005 Topps Total Paul Wilson
I hadn’t really thought about it before opening this pack, but the little “name bar” at the bottom is very similar to what’s used in 2016 Topps.

Oohh, it’s J.J. Hardy! With his original team, the Brewers. The Brewers need to ditch these unis… Go with the “Ball In Glove MB” logo if you want to, but these have got to go.
2005 Topps Total JJ Hardy
There’s our first still-active player in this pack.

Here’s the silver parallel for this pack, it’s “The Mayor”, Sean Casey.
2005 Topps Total Silver Sean Casey

Omar Infante.
2005 Topps Total Omar Infante
I always felt that the photos in Topps Total should’ve been cropped a little tighter.

Aaron Cook.
2005 Topps Total Aaron Cook

Joe Kennedy
2005 Topps Total Joe Kennedy

Rookie card for Dana Eveland and Travis Hinton.
2005 Topps Total Eveland Hinton
Eveland is also active, having pitched for the Rays. As a personal favor to him, I won’t mention any of his 2016 stats.

2005 was the final year for Travis Hinton; not only did he not make it beyond high-A, he also spent 2005 in the White Sox organization, not with the Brewers.

Another rookie card! Yay!
2005 Topps Total Sweeney Miller
Ryan Sweeney was a highly-regarded prospect at the time, and he did have some success in the Majors, mostly with Oakland. He’s been out of the game since 2014, so I guess he’s retired. Brian Miller is another guy who peaked in A-ball… Well… within Affiliated ball, anyway. In 2006 he played for the Atlantic League’s Road Warriors team. For those who aren’t familiar with this team, they existed because the Nashau Pride folded, leaving the league with just 7 teams. To balance the schedule, the league created an 8th team, the Road Warriors which – as you might have guessed – played every game on the road. In 2006, that team finished 33.5 games behind the division winning Bridgeport Bluefish (and, sadly enough, tied with the Newark Bears for last place). In 2007, the team finished a mere 29 games behind.. In 2008, the Atlantic League expanded to Waldorf, MD and with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs added to the lineup, the Road Warriors were put out of their misery.

Here’s the back of J.J. Hardy’s card, complete with the game that they added as an attempt to garner more interest in these cards. 
2005 Topps Total JJ Hardy back
It didn’t work, because 2005 was the last year for Topps Total Baseball… But Total did continue another two years for Football.


8 thoughts on “Pack Animal: 2005 Topps Total (Hobby)

  1. *obligatory call for bringing back Total*

    But seriously, the depth of player selection in this product has not been seen since. I would die of happiness if this concept was revived.

  2. Totally agree with you on those Jays uniforms from the previous decade. Never been fortunate enough to find a pack of Topps Total but if I do I’ll snatch it up for sure!

  3. Never cared for the Topps Total. To an old-school collector (primarily 60’s and 70’s) like me, the issuing of multiple sets of cards from a single manufacturer in one calendar year was a practice I was never fond of, whether it be Topps, Fleer, Donruss, Upper Deck or anyone else.

  4. I’m one of those who never opened a pack of the stuff, but I’m absolutely in the “Bring Back” movement. My LCS has a hobby box of 2002 (I think) Topps Total for sale at a quasi-reasonable price. I’ve always toyed with bringing it home. One of these days, perhaps.

  5. I would love Topps Total to be the flagship.. Or at least the concept. I’d rather that than variations, short prints, super short prints, parallels, retina scan images, etc.

    And yes, the less we say about the Angry Birds Jays uniforms the better.. I think many of us are scrubbing those abominations from memory

  6. Agree with you on the uni’s. Even though I do like the Cubs uniforms, espically the home, I still wish they’d bring back the cute Cubbie patch from the 1960’s.

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