2016 TSR: A “Traded” Subset And More Throwbacks

The MLB trading deadline was this past Monday, and this year’s didn’t disappoint with all the craziness surrounding it… Some of the craziness happened, some didn’t. For the trades that did happen, I wanted to give everybody a look at what some of the newly-relocated players look like in their new uniforms.

Being a child of the mid-1970’s, I’m rarely satisfied with just having an updated card… I want the card to clearly show that a trade took place, but I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no fool O-Pee-Chee line of black text.

I wanted something colorful and “Traded-y”, so after playing around with it for a while, the results are what you’ll see on a number of customs in today’s post.

Although it wasn’t a fire sale, the Yankees raised more than a few eyebrows by actually being sellers at the deadline. The first transaction made was sending Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs for a reliever (Adam Warren) and a number of prospects.
2016 TSR #321 - Aroldis Chapman Traded
The Yankees traded prospects to get Chapman, they flipped him for some different prospects. A few years down the road, it’ll be interesting to see how the two sets of prospects compare.

Meanwhile, the Yankees had just shipped Adam Warren to the Cubs last December, and here they were getting him back again. In other similar re-acquisitions, the Mets got Jonathan Niese after half a season in Pittsburgh, the Orioles got Steve Pearce after half a season in Tampa Bay, the Pirates got Antonio Bastardo after half a season with the Mets, and the Mets tried to re-acquire Kelly Johnson from the Braves, only to find that they’d already done that earlier this season. (Insert rim shot here)

No one could’ve faulted the Yankees if they stopped after trading Chapman, but they also shipped Andrew Miller off to Cleveland. No more “No Run DMC” for the Yankees, but I’m sure the teams’ broadcasters will find something else to talk about.
2016 TSR #325 - Andrew Miller traded
The worst part of these trades (for me, anyway) is that the Yankees got some quality prospects in exchange.

After vetoing a trade to Cleveland (the Indians were part of his no-trade clause), Jonathan Lucroy found himself in Texas.
2016 TSR #326 - Jonathan Lucroy traded
The Rangers have certainly made it clear that they’re going for it.

Just a little bit lower in the AL West standings, the A’s made it clear that they’re not going for it. Josh Reddick found himself heading for the contending Dodgers, along with pitcher Rich Hill.
2016 TSR #322 - Josh Reddick traded
Perhaps the most notable aspect to Reddick’s acquisition is what it allowed to Dodgers to do, which is send Yasiel Puig to AAA. It’ll be interesting to see if Puig takes this as a challenge or an insult (or both, I suppose).

I seem to remember that a certain reader of this blog is a fan of Billy Burns, and while I wasn’t sure that this fandom would follow Burns to KC, I figured I’d do a custom anyway.
2016 TSR #324 - Billy Burns traded
If Billy Burns in Royal blue is too painful for certain people to handle, I promise I’ll make it up to you a little further down.

To the surprise of nobody, Matt Kemp also found himself on the move, except in his case he’s going from 4th place to 5th place.
2016 TSR #323 - Matt Kemp traded
To me, the most notable part of this trade can’t be shown on a traded card. The Padres got Cuban 3B/OF Hector Olivera, whom they promptly designated for assignment. What does it say when neither the Braves or Padres want a player?

I have some more “Traded” cards I plan on doing, once I find some better images than what I’ve already found.

Yesterday, the Athletics and Cubs threw back to 1981 and while the throwback uniforms are cool, it looks like it would’ve been more fun to see the game on TV than to watch it in person; Comcast SportsNet California had a throwback broadcast, including 1981 graphics and yellow network blazers for the broadcast team… there’s an article about it here.

In 1981 I was a teenager and collected all three sets that came out that year. When I realized I had an opportunity to do 1981-style customs, I didn’t hesitate in selecting the Fleer option for the job.
2016 TSRchives 81F-2 Coco Crisp
1981 Topps was fine, 1981 Topps was Topps, but 1981 Fleer was my favorite set that year. One of these days I’m going to write this “1981 Fleer Appreciation” post I’ve been tossing about in my head for a long time.

The Cubs were also dressed appropriately, wearing the sartorially questionable powder blue with white pinstripes road design.  This was a fun matchup of uniforms, even if it wasn’t one that would’ve happened at the time (well, outside of Spring Training, anyway).
2016 TSRchives 81F-1 Jake Arrieta

The A’s might have looked better, but the Cubs played better as they shut out the Athletics 4-0.

There was another throwback game yesterday as the Astros and Rangers threw back to 1986… but I ran out of time this morning so you’ll have to wait until next week for some Astro rainbow goodness.

6 thoughts on “2016 TSR: A “Traded” Subset And More Throwbacks

  1. Absolutely love these customs, especially the ’81 Fleers. Can’t wait to see the ’81 Fleer Appreciation post as well whenever you get around to it.

  2. ’81 was a landmark year in this hobby and those Fleer customs bring back a lot of memories. Well done on those and the Traded pack.

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