Shlabotnik Quality Assortment: 3D, PC’s In Flux And A Pseudo-Upgrade

Today’s Quality Assortment features five cards which have little in common other than being recent acquisitions.

Any time I run across a relatively cheap and uncracked 1970’s Kellogg’s card within my budget, you can believe I’m  picking it up, even when it doesn’t necessarily fit into any of my various collections.
1970 Kellogg's Don Wilson

It’s 1970 Kellogg’s.  That’s all I need.

Don Wilson was an excellent pitcher who tragically and accidentally died a month before his 30th birthday.  If you’ve seen 1970’s Astros cards where the players have a black circle with a white “40” on their sleeves, that was for Don Wilson.

I have the most tenuous of connections with the Padres’ Travis Jankowski. He graduated from Stony Brook University on Long Island… and I took some night classes at Stony Brook (and I took them around the time that Travis was born, but we won’t talk about that). Travis as been on a tear of late; over the past 14 days he’s batting .341 with 3 doubles, 12 runs scored and 8 stolen bases.
2012 Bowman Sterling Autographed Prospects Travis Jankowski
Who knows, maybe I bought low on this Jankowski sig, which is nicer-looking in person than in the scan.

The next two guys are middle infielders I latched on to when I saw them in the minors and are now players I collect.

First up is the Indians’ Francisco Lindor, show in his Team USA days on this 2015 Panini Stars And Stripes card.
2015 Panini Stars And Stripes Francisco Lindor
Panini’s work on Team USA sets, as well as other sports, makes me hope that they can get fully licensed someday.

My second middle-infielder-player-collection guy is someone who made me literally — and that’s literally “literally”, not “emphasis literally”… Sorry, I’ll start again. Someone who made me literally cry out “NOOOOOO!” when I saw he had been traded: former Met prospect, now Reds prospect Dilson Herrera (on a 2015 Topps Chrome Future Stars card).
2015 Topps Chrome Future Stars Dilson Herrera
I really liked what I’d seen of Dilson Herrera in the minors.  Neil Walker was supposed to be holding 2nd base until Herrera was ready… Now I guess when he’s ready, he’ll be going to Great American Ballpark instead. (sniff)

All I can say is that Jay Bruce better be all that and a bag of chips.

Wrapping things up with this 1963 Topps Gil Hodges, which was an upgrade of sorts…
1963 Topps Gil Hodges
…Because in my 1960’s Mets binder it will replace the 2001 Topps Archive card I had used as a placeholder. That run of Archives sets was fun in its own way, and it was kind of nice to have reprints-of-sorts of some of these cards… but it’s always better to have the original, even if it is a little ‘loved’ around the edges.

Shlabot-Notes: By now I’m sure that most of you know that Alex Rodriguez announced his retirement effective after Friday’s game in Yankee Stadium.

I can’t help but wonder – selfishly, I’ll admit – as to whether this announcement comes soon enough that we won’t have any A-Rod inserts in 2017 Topps products. It seems like I’m a magnet for A-Rod inserts, and I look forward to the day when I’ll stop pulling the damn things.  It’s made even more frustrating in that they never sell on COMC.

In celebration of A-Rod’s retirement, and as a way for someone to prove me wrong about his cards not selling, I am accepting any and all offers on the eight A-Rod cards I have had in my inventory for years. You can go here to take them off my hands (please!).


8 thoughts on “Shlabotnik Quality Assortment: 3D, PC’s In Flux And A Pseudo-Upgrade

  1. That Hodges is beyond sweet! I need to find myself a copy of that one someday. Can’t help you with the A-Rods, haha!

  2. Don Wilson’s no-hitter in 1969 was a remarkable thing to watch on tv. It came the night after Don Maloney had no hit the ‘Stros. The whole story is interesting. There was a running joke between my father and I. Seemed that every time we went to the Dome Wilson was the Astros starter. Love that Kelloggs card.

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