From The Vault: “I’m Going To Regret This!”

It’s been a while since I shared anything from THE VAULT…
The Vault
…Also known as a cardboard box that was shoved to the back of the closet.  Everything in this post has been in my possession for at least 32 years… and spent much of that time out of sight.

…And it’s also been a while since I had functional brain cells, it’s been quite a week. Nothing tragic or anything, just busy and tiring.


The subject line comes from a famous line from the first (and still best) Star Wars movie. I’ve never collected Star Wars cards, but I’ve had this one since 1977.
1977 Topps Star Wars #220
These green-bordered cards are from the 4th series.

I have no idea where I got this card from… probably some sort of bonus card I got at an early 1980’s card show. But anyway, it’s a 1980 Kansas City Chiefs Police set of punter Bob Grupp… The only Police football card I own.
1980 Kansas City Chiefs Police Bob Grupp
Grupp was All-Pro in his rookie season of 1979, but he was out of the NFL after three years.

Here’s the back; remember kids, practice and go to school!
1980 Kansas City Chiefs Police Bob Grupp back

One of my very few un-stuck Wacky Packages stickers… Apparently from the 6th series issued in 1974.
Wacky Packages Cut-Rong
Cut Rite wax paper is still around, but nowadays it’s a Reynolds brand. I had to do a decent amount of Googling to find an image that confirms that the original package was “Scott Cut Rite”. I was pretty sure given the “Shott” parody, but…

Next up, a 1984 Mets pocket schedule featuring Keith Hernandez and Darryl Strawberry.  We had no idea that a World Championship was just two years away.
1984 Mets schedule
My initial reaction to seeing the catcher was “Yeah, good luck figuring out who that is”, but then I noticed the glasses peeking out through the mask.  It’s gotta be Darrell Porter, who played for the Cardinals from 1981 to 1985.

Finally, here’s a 1983 Topps Football wrapper.
1983 Topps Football Wrapper
What’s notable about this wrapper? Well, it’s a 1983 Topps Football wrapper… Isn’t that enough?  It also tells you to say ‘no’ to drugs… Boy, football is a preachy sport, isn’t it?  Go to school, practice, don’t do drugs.  Get off my case, man!!!

Hopefully I’ll have regained function of a few more brain cells by the time I do my customs post on Sunday. Have a good Friday, everybody!

2 thoughts on “From The Vault: “I’m Going To Regret This!”

  1. Don’t you just love digging thru the old stuff you’ve had in the closet? Always a good time and it makes for some very random posts!

  2. Nice stuff. Love finding time capsules like these. Also the Tops FB wrapper appears to be a cartoonish replica of Redskins QB, Joe Theismann.

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