1 Card Post: 1994 Studio Heritage Collection Mike Mussina


I don’t know how the weeks keep getting away from me like this, but here I am with no posts ready and little time.

Fortunately, I have a card that I can write about quickly… This fantastic 1994 Studio Heritage Collection card featuring Mike Mussina in an Orioles uniform that the team wore briefly in 1968 and 1969.
1994 Donruss Studio Heritage Collection Mike Mussina
Moose is pictured “outside” of Memorial Stadium wearing a rarely-worn Orioles sleeveless uniform.

Unlike the regular Studio cards from 1994, this insert set was on a canvas-y card stock with bronze foil on the front.  The back has another photo of Mussina, plus a brief writeup on the uniform and Mussina.
1994 Donruss Studio Heritage Collection Mike Mussina back
As you can see from the card number, this was one of 8 cards in the insert set.

The Orioles wore these vests so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o rarely…


…They wore them so rarely that The Fleer Sticker Project recently came out of hibernation just to share newly-found images of these vests from the 1960’s. You can see that post here and an all-vest-encompassing post here.

I’m not usually a fan of vest jerseys… especially the Rockies’ dumb-ass black vest over black sleeves look… But I have to admit that these aren’t bad.  Not quite as sharp as the Reds’ 1956-1966 look, but better than other examples I’ve seen (especially the aforementioned dumbass Rockies look).


2 thoughts on “1 Card Post: 1994 Studio Heritage Collection Mike Mussina

  1. I loved the Orioles’ vest look. The shoulder on Mussina’s is too wide by maybe an inch but it’s still very sweet and I’m just being picky. I wonder what the story is behind this pic. I don’t remember them ever wearing these as a throwback but I sure could be wrong.

    Off to find one of these.

    • OK I just did a little looking and figured out that the set was all guys in throwbacks. I missed a lot of the 90s hobby-wise.

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