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I recently got a PWE from Shane, sole owner and proprietor of Shoebox Legends, and while there were several cards I was expecting, I got a few surprises that added to the fun.

First off were a pair of Orioles from the 1984 Topps Ralston Purina set. According to my 2008 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, this set was issued in boxes of Cookie Crisp (before it was a General Mills brand) and Donkey Kong Junior (!!!!) cereals, as well as through a mail-in offer.
1984 Ralston Purina Eddie Murray
Although I was actively collecting in 1984, I didn’t get any of these cards until a couple of years ago when they started appearing in large quantities in the repacks I occasionally got from Target. There’s a nearly-identical set without the Ralston Purina logos, called the “Topps Cereal Series”; I’m not sure what the story behind those is.
1984 Ralston Purina Jim Palmer
These two cards make up the Orioles’ team set, and I hadn’t pulled either of them from the repacks, so I’m done with this set, Oriole-wise.

In a similar “I’ve got some of these but no Orioles” vein, the next card is from the 50-card 2001 Topps “Noteworthy” insert set.
2001 Topps Noteworthy Brooks Robinson
It looks like it might say “…card is similar…” across the bottom, running through Brooks’ waistband.  I can also pick out words like “Topps” and “Subset”.  I wonder if anyone has worked out what all the typed lines say.

It’s funny… J.J. Hardy cards seem to come to me without my even trying, either through packs or PWE’s.
2015 Stadium Club Gold JJ Hardy
…Not that I’m complaining; I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a J.J. collector, but he is my favorite current Oriole and I enjoy picking up new cards of his, even if I don’t seek him out (nor do I apparently have to).

The last three cards here are ones I was expecting, and came through a small Zistle epiphany (I think “Zistle Epiphany” also played at that same music festival as “Flagship Blaster” and “Translucent Football”).

You see, my main exposure to Zistle has been accessing Shane’s listings to see what cards he needs which I might have (or conversely, cards I have that he might need).

It wasn’t until recently that I noticed the “Tradelist” tab. “Oh, he has a list of cards that are available for trade? How about that!” (I am nothing if not observant).

Within a minute of poking around I found three cards I wanted, and I figured that was enough for one request.

First up is another early 1980’s food issue, a Fred Lynn from the 1980 Burger King Pitch Hit & Run set.
1980 Burger King Pitch Hit & Run Fred Lynn
I’m not looking to collect the whole set, just slowly gather up the ones which could be considered “photo variations” from the 1980 Topps set.

Here’s the regular 1980 Fred Lynn (which is out of my collection and shown here for comparison, it’s not part of the PWE):
1980 Topps Fred Lynn

The other two cards which were by special request were both from the 1974-75 Topps Hockey set.

I’ve never really been a Rangers fan, but my father watched every game so a lot of the Broadway Blueshirts from my youth have an emotional connection, even if I didn’t actively root for them. Steve Vickers most certainly falls into that category.
1974-75 Topps Hockey Steve Vickers
Plus I love hockey cards which show the players in places that are most definitely not on the ice.

For the 1972-73 season, Vickers won the Calder Trophy, awarded to the rookie of the year. I’m not sure I knew that.

Henry Boucha isn’t a player I remember from back in the day, but I just like this card for reasons I can’t explain.  Maybe it’s because he’s clearly Native American (Ojibwe) and you don’t see that often in any professional sport.
1974-75 Topps Hockey Henry Boucha
Henry Boucha played for the Silver-winning 1972 U.S. Olympic Hockey team and signed with the Red Wings at 19 years old. Unfortunately, an eye injury in his third season derailed his career, and he would later retire at the age of 24. Boucha is in the U.S. Hockey Hall Of Fame.


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